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    Looking for a gaming community that's actively playing wow!

    Hey all!

    Me and my fiancée are looking for a gaming community that's actively playing wow.

    Our goal is to meet and play with new friendly and mature people. We've been playing back and forth since vanilla and do both pvp and pve.

    I was hoping someone here had some good ideas of where we could go, realm and factions doesn't really matter. It doesn't have to be a gaming community per se really, a large/active guild is enough as well.

    We're both 24 years old living in Stockholm, Sweden. She's a vetranarian nurse while I'm a programmer at DICE.


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    Hey welcome back! I can't help you unfortunately as my wife and I have been looking to do the same thing.

    Best of luck!
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    You can use our guild recruitment forum to find a home

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