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    Best spec for low ilvl?

    So I just got my mage to 90 , and he's currently at 440 ilvl
    What spec would be best for that ilvl ? for dungeons , scenarios , etc.

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    Frost is fun.

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    Maybe It's fun , but it's good for 440 ilvl ?

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    I am not mage, but I would choose arcane because its easy. You don't need maximizing dps at low ilvl.

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    i think frost is the most forgiving in terms of stats and ilvl.

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    Don't get tied up in your 440 ilvl concern. I jumped into my first dungeon last week as a paly, the gear comes so fast. Then LFR, it took 8 days and already hit 513 ilvl. Play what you want.

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    Any reason to take PoM with Frost/arcane? Or should I just take ice floes?

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    Frost and no you don't need PoM or Ice Flows. If you need better gear, just got to timeless isle and you'll get 496 pretty easy and be able to jump right into tot lfr and than SoO lfr.
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    arcane is boring and fire just dosnt work at that ilvl , it takes ages to get pyro procs , frost is by far best choice.

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    Frost is absolutely best at low ilevel. For the people who do challenge modes and proving grounds, frost is always best (gear scales down to ilevel 463 in those cases).

    There really isn't any wiggle room on it, frost by miles over fire and arcane at low ilvl.

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    Frost is best for low ilevel, Arcane works for mid and high ilevel and fire is for high ilevel due to the need for good gear for applying and menaging dots and getting extra ticks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sabag123 View Post
    Any reason to take PoM with Frost/arcane? Or should I just take ice floes?
    If you plan on raiding with that mage (even if it's just Flex) Ice Floes works well with both Frost and Arcane. PoM is mostly for Fire (free pyroblasts), but like everyone else has said, Fire doesn't do well at lower ilvls.

    While you're gearing, Frost will be a lot easier to manipulate with stats and things, tho Arcane isn't too bad either.

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    Frost because it does well at lower ilvls.

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    By far Frost is going to be the best specialization. Frost has the least amount of scaling from stats. This means to keep it competitive during each tier blizzard has had to buff the base damage of each spell frost uses. Thus you will do much more damage as frost than arcane or fire. The easiest way to know when to switch is when you have around 14k mastery for Arcane or have 40% buffed crit for fire. Or you could just stay frost.

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    Go frost and head out to the Timeless Isle, build up till you have enough ilvl to go for raids after that try to think which specc would be the most fun to do in Raids. Imo I'd choose fire :3

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