Thread: AoC in pvp?

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    AoC in pvp?

    Just wondering if the AoC is worth it in pvp and if anyone has experience using it as such. I know the values will be nerfed to 496 ilv and gradually raised up a bit over the season. Playing something like combat for pvp is pretty fun and I know that combat pve the AoC is almost mandatory so just curious how good it would be in pvp or if standard pvp trinkets are better.

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    It's only like 10% CDRR in PvP. It's not exactly worthwhile.

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    I don't use mine. The 522 PvP trinket I can at least line up with every killing spree. The lower value of the cooldowns is nice, but I frequently SIT on cooldowns in PvP searching for a burst window. It's so good in PvE because you never do anything like that!

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    You'll gain infinitely more from the 2600 resil bonus for 2x PVP trinkets. Not DPS, but it's a huge chunk of DR.

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    The only pvp its good at is world pvp but pve gear altogether is better there. It was really good in pvp until they put in a special nerf to it on the ptr that it only lowers cd's like 5% no matter the ilvl in instanced pvp.
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    ~40 sec CD on cloak sounds really strong, too strong in fact.
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