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    [Resto] druid 5.4 haste vs mastery

    Hello druid fellas! I want your opinion on this.. Is it worth capping 13,163 haste break-point istead of stacking mastery in 10man? I currently have 40% mastery and the soft cap of 3043 haste..i am thinking of reforging my gear to 13163 haste and try it..My item level is 559 and i am really fine with my current choice of playing Mastery> 13,163 haste.. I just want your opinions on this and if someone has tryed to play both thank you!

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    There are already enough topics on this to not explain everything again. Just look at the threads in this forum.

    Yes it's worth it and yes it gives better results. It won't double your healing output or something though, so if you're comfortable with the mastery build and don't want to try it out, that's fine too.

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    Both are viable, haste 13K seems slightly stronger on some fights.

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    13k haste will get you a bit stronger sustained healing. 3k haste will get you a bit better burst.
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