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    Legendary Cloak Choice

    Hi, I'm wondering what legendary cloak I should pick as a blood death knight... I picked the tank strength one but my friend chose the dps strength one. I'm wondering what would be better raiding-wise.

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    I don't have the kind of moolah for both at the moment

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    u should probly get the tank one, dps one is for either tanks who wont do any real raiding at all (lfr, dungeons, etc), or for tanks in cuting edge guild with very trustworthy healers. if threat is an issue for you then ur doing something wrong and a dps cloak wont fix it

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    the tank one then, the dps one is basically for when you know 100% you won't be dying and just want to push extra damage.

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    If you need to ask, take the tank cloak.

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    Get both. Tank for raiding, DPS for Dungeons.
    Quote Originally Posted by mysticx View Post
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    if you have to ask the question -> tank one

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    You get the one that is made for you main spec, kind of a stupid question

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    Using the dps cloak as a tank is valid, it's just not a good choice unless you know what you're doing.

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    DPS cloak has like zero proc rate in tank specs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xalzel View Post
    DPS cloak has like zero proc rate in tank specs
    This isn't true at all, but it isn't worth it being your only cloak. Take the tanking cloak first then get the dps cloak when you can afford it. On my druid I started with the DPS cloak, bought the tanking cloak a week later, now I have the caster dps one as well. I use the tanking cloak most of the time unless we're doing farm content, then tanking cloak if we're doing heroics or Garrosh.
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    For a DK tank shouldn't use cloak unless you have amz instead of purgatory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zAFierCe View Post
    For a DK tank shouldn't use cloak unless you have amz instead of purgatory.
    Why ? Even if it may be a bit overkill. If a tank who obviously isn't cuting edge at all (I maybe even on the struggling side having the cloak only now) can help his raid by being nearly unkillable (cloak proc take priority over purgatory. So first killhit don't kill you, second killhit don't kill you and give the purgatory bubble)

    That's what I'm planing to do when my DK will have his cloak (I only pug flex/normal with this alt. And IMO it will be veeeeery usefull seeing subpar healer strugling on some fights)

    Of course if you have cleared Heroics or nearly done it point of view can change. But someone in this position allready should have both option in the bags.
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    Doesn't it proc more for monks than DK's?

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    The base proc rate is the same, but haste does more useful things for brewmasters.

    My point is that damage from the dps cloak as a tank is definitely significant and should not be ignored.

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    If you don't have the money to get both I would suggest just sticking with the tank.

    You can also HoP the tank cloak proc off for it to be able to proc again.

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    you should probably take the tank one

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    the tank one is pretty useless for fights where you take fast pace dmg, for example spoils or something like galakras adds. tank cloaks useless, even if it procs it realistically wont do anything but soak a 40k hit and youll die 0.1 seconds later to another (if it was actualy possible for a tank to die on these bosses, but its the example that counts)

    but things where only 1 ability can 1 shot you like cheesing stacks on siegecrafter tank cloak is mandatory

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