Will changing play style with glyphs move forward?
I think we all saw the potential for it with the D.A. glyph for locks, and it really DID suggest some incredible new ideas for encounters, playstyle, role, and could modify rotations, raid comps, and more.
I kind of think Blizz would be silly to ignore this discovery, though i understand why they had to throttle it back at the moment. Letting locks ranged tank without the proper prep to the encounters and mechanics of all would have been 'broken'.
That said, do you think they will be more prepared to go down this road in the near to mid future?
Could it solve tank queues, heals queues, to allow more classes more options of play style?
What are some of the more interesting ways you could see classes and specs opening up?

note: please leave your 'NO b/c I hate change and that's a stupid idea' posts out of this, you can manage more than that right?