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    The very simple reason why it wouldn't work is because Warcraft in general and WoW in particular has always put very big emphasis on the heroism. Sure, some friendly characters commit nasty actions (almost all of them faction-based) and sometimes you participate as a player. But in the grand scheme of things, your character has always been the good guy. In raids we are always the force of good fighting against evil, because good must prevail against evil in a hero story.

    Herein lies the problem. The Burning Legion consists entirely of omnicidal maniacs, is run by a titan who has been corrupted for eons, and spearheaded by an always chaotic evil species. There is no conceivable way for them to ever be anything but villains of Azeroth, no matter how big the retcon. And as long as any race is nothing but permanent, omnicidal chaotic evil, there's no way they could be the protagonist of a hero story.
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    They made Outland. I can't see why they couldn't make some demon Twister Nether world too. It's not beyond Blizz to do it but like others have said it wouldn't work with the current leveling and questing design already implemented. WoW 2 perhaps? It would be pretty cool though.

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    There could be renegade factions from the various conquered legion home worlds. Aside from the dreadlords, I think all the conquered races were originally not evil (well, and the eradar but that got changed). Considering the physical changes between eradar and draenei though, I really don't know what they would look like or whether or not people would feel they were actually legion. It could be the origin of the wyrmrest temple angels.

    All the same, it would make sense for any rebel factions to come to Azeroth if there was infact a deciding battle with the legion about to arrive. It would also make sense for a group that had been fighting the burning legion for centuries to have no interest in respecting political boundaries and historically relevant regions that have only come into existence a short century ago.

    So, a third faction could work out, and having it associated with the legion would also work. They would really need to take a few of the current races out of the current factions though. Draenei would be more in line with their interests, probably the blood elves too, maybe a few others.

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    A third playable faction would be a massive, massive undertaking. But then I thought the same thing about flying mounts in the Old World.
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    There would be some issues implementing it but I would play that faction for sure if it was.

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    Cool as a third faction would be (New Scourge/Forsaken pls) there's too much content that'd need to be redone.
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    Burning legion would make 0 sense as a playable faction. It would make more sense for us to all turn in to boars.

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    I'm still holding out hope for a playable demon race (or two).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grubjuice View Post
    Well orcs/the horde used to be the big bad as well, things change.
    also just because the horde went from being 'villain' to the 'anti-hero' faction doesn't mean the game couldn't have a real good and proper villainous faction.

    what races would you propose? if it were just legion it would be rather monotonous to have 6 demon races, especially since many demons are not even humanoid.

    but you could have an Alliance of Azerothian villains, not a Legion faction per se:
    e.g. a faction of Satyrs, Naga, Centaurs, Mogu, Aqir/Mantid and Harpies.
    Orcs/horde were the big bad in WC 1 and 2, it's an entirely different lore now. Burning Legion are and will always be the big bad, at least until Sargeras is defeated in 7.4.
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    I think it'd be a cool idea

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    That would be amazing. But it won't ever happen.

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    Terrible idea. It clashes terribly with every ounce of WoW's story focus on killing the big bads. Sorry, but you don't get to play the bad guy in this game, except in VERY specific, temporary circumstances like the Death Knight starter area.

    If you're getting anything, it'll be rebelling/reformed demons as a breakoff faction. That might sound outlandish at first, but the new Observer lore set a new precedent for non-Legion demons, so there's some hope. The Illidari also established that demons can bugger off and do what they feel like, if they so please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zlebar View Post
    This seems like it could be plausible, I'm really just shooting in the dark here. I think it would give an interesting twist to the game and no doubt we would see many people re-rolling to this option if blizzard offered some sort of serious catch up mechanic or a way to change from your alliance or horde side to the legions side.

    Any thoughts?
    That'd be pretty damned awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    They really couldn't because the Legion is the "big bad" of the universe. Having them be a third main faction would basically lead to a leveling system with virtually no NPCs if it took place on Azeroth.
    personally I would think it would be great!
    Why not have the option to also play the bad side?

    Horde and Alliance, in the end, are saving the day.... while this faction could try to destroy everything.
    it would be quite a challenge though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    No they aren't the "big bad" the Titans are. The burning legion only want us to join them and fight the titans. The titans want to wipe us out.
    Thats why we managed to convince all titanic creations who wanted to reoriginate the world that it's okay as is? You know, Algalon and the guy in TOT
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    Frankly, I don't think Blizzard is capable of being that creative. They still need the Legion to be their saturday morning style cartoonish villains who cackle and do eeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrt View Post
    A third faction would never work without completely redesigning all old content. It'd be way too much work.
    a million times this.

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    I would play pitlord monk. Flying serpent kick!! muahaha.

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    Remember that monster system back in LOTRO were you could play different types of monsters like Orcs etc. at a certain level. If they would make it like that some sort of way that would be cool.

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