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    IIRC, Kripparrian had a contest to give away a "Deluxe Super Fancy Collector's Edition" of Diablo 3. It was open to anyone for entry. The winner was actually another streamer named Nugi, who I think is from Denmark (could be wrong, but definitely EU).
    I'm pretty sure I remember Kripp saying shipping cost around $30 US on this end. In Denmark, the recipient, Nugi, had to pay out around 50 Euros more to get the item after "import taxes".

    Oh, yeah ... it also took almost 3 weeks to arrive.

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    Exactly Vvulf, the standard shipping from the US to EU is between $30-$45 (for items of this size), and that's just normal USPS International Shipping, no first class/priority and no tracking. The cost to get the items to someone living in the EU for Blizzard would be quite a bit more than the standard $30-$45, if they wanted it to arrive on time for Blizzcon. Therefore it is no surprise this is a North American contest only.

    Maybe if they'd come out with the contest sooner that they could have removed that restriction, but it's too late for that now.
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