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    Malkorok 10H help.

    Hey! We're currently working on malkorok, have about 2-2½ hours left today before we'll end up clearing normals.
    Yesterday we got through p1 and p2 a few times, but never had a successfull 'p3'.

    Prot pala, brewmaster
    Holy pala, resto druid

    boomkin, affli wlock, destro lock, fire mage x2.

    We are using the 1 tank tactic for the blood rages. Now, both the monk AND paladin could soak both the blood rages by good cooldown management. We decided to make it easier for us and have the monk soak the 1st blood rage, and paladin the 2nd blood rage. And when they're soaking they can pop ALL their cds since they wont be tanking the next bloodrage. When done correctly the tank damage taken in blood rage is low and manageable.

    As for p1 tho, tank damage seems to be too steep at times.

    Other than that, the only other real issue i could think of is the orbs in p1, as there is barely any indicator of when the orbs are spawning, it's easy to get hit and lose your shield on it. (Those black puddles beneath your character isn't that visible all the time, especially if you're a large character, tauren for example.)

    So then, is there any tips or usefull pointers for this fight on how to make it easier on us?
    Thanks in advance!


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    The fight is all about "dont stand in fire" and "stand in fire when needed".

    "As for p1 tho, tank damage seems to be too steep at times."

    1. You have no melee. Who soaks central imploding energy? It should be the melee task.
    2. On how many stacks do tanks switch? 12 should be max.

    Can't really say what else can bring down the tank on p1. We've never wiped this fight because of p1 tank down.

    "real issue i could think of is the orbs in p1"

    As i said before - if do not follow the rule of "not stand in a fire" just forget about kill. The spawn of orb is not as dificult to see as u said. If you have real problems just move constantly. You mustn't pick any orb while going to soak the implosion energy. For DPS avoiding the slams/orbs is a faceroll compared to healers who have to keep eyes on the raid-frames and spam heals (and avoid shit too ofc). They mostly spawn under the feet of players - maybe because of the melee lack you have to many of them around the range players and the central part of the area is "too clean".

    Everyone with immune skills like deterence or bubble should pick as many orbs as he can on the bloodrage phase (ofc only the 1st one, on the 2nd just burn the boss). At start pop stampeding roar, when expired - use self-movement cds. You have probably the best possible tank/healer composition for this fight. Let the monk manage 1st bloodrage phase (zen meditation = no dmg for half of the phase) - pala tank is great for picking the orbs.

    TBH we had different problems - most wipes were caused by not soakin one of the imploding energy pool or becasue of breath... (do not use the addon...)
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    Players just can't get hit by too many total orbs throughout the first phase. There's nothing else to look for during the phase, and should be watching their feet. Make sure both tanks have the Malkorok weak aura or something of the sort to track the numerical value of the shield so they can call out if they need to use a small cooldown or use a hearthstone or call for extra healing. There's a difference between a red shield at 1 health, and a red shield on the verge of yellow. That should help your tank deaths issue.

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    We're taking 15 stacks on the tanks, this ensures that the monk has 0 stacks going into blood rage phase, to decrease his damage taken even more. As for the melee imploding energy, we have a healer or any other random player soaking that one.

    But tbh, the imploding energy haven't been as big an issue as the tank damage. Maybe we'll go down to 12 stacks and see how that goes.
    Thanks for the input.

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    It's definitely possible with 12 stacks to get to P2 without stacks on the soaker. Our soak tank starts tanking the boss.

    For people with large characters that have problems seeing the orbs spawn, they might try using Noggenfogger or something similar. Other than that, it's just practice. You'll get it eventually.

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    I dont know how you are positioning in the circle, but I think by far the easiest method is to mark one quarter of the platform with markers. Then have NO ONE stand in that quarter so there will be no slams in that area. After 3 slams just stack there. Of course certain members of your raid can go clear orbs from that "safe zone" after slams, so it is clear for p2. Other than that orbs spawn at random. You just need to be aware of the fact that they can spawn anywhere and have your eyes focused around you. If you soak orbs in P1 I think the best time to do that is directly after the void zone soak, since you absorb shield is almost gone at that point anyway and soaking an orb hits you for 150k regardless of your absorb.

    To be fair your tanks damage done is actually fairly low, especially if they solo soak the blood rage. Also I think it is more effective to have one tank to soak both of the blood rages. So the other tank can save his Cooldowns for P1 and take few more stacks in there. Also tanks (especially pally) can soak the orbs when he is not tanking. He can just use sprint + bubble and run past gazillion of orbs without taking any kind of damage. This can helps a lot and give some more breathing room.

    Your protection paladin should use Eternal Flame at the given fight. There is just exactly zero point on going with Sacred shield. EF can put up 130-150k Hps in that fight, which helps a lot. Also when he is not tanking, he could atleast put EF to other tank that is currently tanking.

    If you paladin wants to soak both of the blood rages alone I think he should use he's cooldowns like this. At the pull HA + Avenging Wrath. First Blood rage. Pop HA few secs before blood rage to have SoTR up for first swing. Also pop Guardian at the start of blood rage. At the 50 rage or 10 secs after that start of the blood rage pop Divine protection and have your holy paladin give hand of sacrifice to you. Then at the second blood rage use HA like in first one, then pop divine protection + ardent defender + avenging wrath when blood rage starts. Then even if you dont have the cooldown reduction trinket your Guardian should be back around 10 seconds to blood rage. Also have your Hpaladin use hand of sacrifice to you TWICE. so it is up whole duration of the blood rage.
    Also you can use Ardent defender between the pull and first blood rage and divine protection when you stacks get high. Just be sure they are off the cooldown when they are needed on bloodrage.

    Here's our most recent log of the fight. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r.../?s=915&e=1251
    Mohana is our second tank and he doesnt soak any of the bloodrages. Still manages the do 278k dps It helps a lot when your tanks can pull more numbers so you wont meet MR. Enrage
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    If we all spread out on one half of the room, this will ensure that it's the side that gets the slams. Wont the imploding energies still spawn on the unmarked side and mess us up? :P

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    By quarter I mean 1/4 of the room. Ofcourse the area can be smaller if you wish. Also have someone placed near the "safe zone" so he can go to soak imploding energy if one spawns there. Shouldn's really be problematic

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    Defeinitely go with 12 stacks if tank damage is the problem, though it shouldn't be an issue if they aren't hitting orbs.

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    Have the mages both take greater invis and they can each clear ~1/4 of the room's orbs(more if they have rocket belt). Also, they should use ice barrier for this fight if they're not already, since temporal shield doesn't really do much.

    Here's our first kill from holy pally PoV and my mage PoV, a bit sloppy but a kill's a kill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8m-4AIZZVnY

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