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    Wow will never end for one reason... its too big and has too many fans.

    Even if Blizzard close the servers another company will buy the rights and keep the servers running, at the very worst fans would launch their own servers to run the game.

    Not sure why someone needed to put together such a longwinded critique on this tbh.

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    If I was Blizzard I'd do my best to kill one of (if not the) most successful game that has ever been made

    Honestly I don't know why people think that Blizzard would do it.

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    Wow will not end after level 100.

    All they'd have to do is a max character level squish, my pure guess is that for expansion #6 player max level would be 50, and all the other expansions would be pretty much baseline.

    I think they're more likely to do something drastic if the game started to die.

    I think they might start scaling mobs, quests, raids, and dungeons to all ways be challenging regardless of your character level - and reduce the character level entry requirements. So for example, you might have level 20s doing molten core.

    That could certainly happen if loot started to scale with level, all loot became pretty much like heirlooms for set levels such as level 20-25.

    I also think flex could be changed to expand to optional 40 man raids, or at least above 25.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagicBanana View Post
    Like Breaking Bad, all great things must come to an end.

    I just hope its a glorious, epic ending :')
    BB is okay, but I vastly prefer Game of Thrones

    Anyway, great post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otiswhitaker View Post
    I'd be willing to bet money more would just quit MMOs all together, rather than "start over".
    Whatcho talking about? Starting over in a brand new game is fun. There's nothing quite like a new MMO with a new world to explore before everybody has tainted it with their theorycrafting and max efficiency everything.

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    When wow becomes a MMO that is in 2nd place or lower, that is when you can say it has ended. No MMO really ends but there comes a time when it is a non-factor in the MMO world.

    When it is not in first place, for me, WoW would be dead.

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    I think there really is a legitimate worry about finding big bads. We've been offing slews of lore characters starting with Naxx 60 and KT, setbacks notwithstanding. Sure, we still have characters unaccounted for on the good and not-so-good side like Illidan, Old Gods, Tyr, Azshara, etc., but WoW's lore can only stretch to accommodate so much before it starts to suffer for it. At its core, it's a game about Azeroth and how things pertain to Azeroth, or more specifically to the EK and Kalimdor. If player characters become the Galactic Police (F*** Yeah!), we just won't be playing Warcraft any longer. In the opinion of many, one of MoP's failings was that Pandaria and almost everything that happened there was more or less inconsequential to the Warcraft world we knew, up until 5.4 and to a lesser extent 5.3. If that link back to the core of Warcraft gets stretched too far, the franchise loses a lot of what makes it so strong.

    Then there's the problem of boss power level. The boss of one expansion needs to be more powerful lore-wise than the boss of the next. Otherwise, why did we spend a year or more leveling and gearing up? In that way the cat's pretty much out of the bag as of Burning Crusade, when we pretty much gnome-punted the Burning Legion. Even Garrosh had to get Sha'd and Old God'ed to be worthy of being a end-of-expansion boss. Things could really easily scale out of control and beyond reasonable suspension of disbelief if not handled with care.

    Maybe WoW could stand to take a page from Magic: the Gathering and fashion a Nicol Bolas-style big bad who doesn't have at best a 1.5-year lifespan. They did that with Kil'Jaeden in Burning Crusade, and that worked out well IMO. And it addresses a few of the problems, if not all.

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    As long as its profitable to a degree the shareholders are comfortable with, it will continue. Once that isn't the case, it will certainly shut down. But assuming they continue making content that players want to pay for, they will certainly stick around. It's not certain that will happen though.
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    As a wise man once said "no king rules forever"

    That being said EQ is still alive after how many years and expansions? It was never as wildly popular as WoW. Plus when Blizzard announces the Argus/Sargeras expansion they're going to have an explosion of people resubbing and people buying previous expansions they missed.

    So WoW will be here for many, many years to come. That doesn't mean they'll always be top dog. Actually to be honest, blizzard will continue to see a steady loss until they get down to their core players that have been and will be loyal to the game. The players that left will go and join the MMO of their choice (Rift, Aion, Tera, GW2, EQ, ect.)
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    I'd like to bring Point One to the forefront, that's something I particularly agree with.
    Just because we're done levelling doesn't mean we're done.
    We could have entire expansions that take place entirely at Level 100, it doesn't mean we can't add new gear, one Expac we could be level 90 with 500k Health, the next Level 100 with 2Mil Health, the next Level 100 with 4Mil Health, so on, so forth.
    The argument against would be new zones, what would be the point of having new Zones? You wouldn't be able to Level through them.
    Just have Zones that you don't Level through, you PROGRESS through, you have to complete Zone A to go to Zone B, or Zone C to go to Zone D, and when you've completed both Zone A/B or Zone C/D you go to the finale, Zone E.
    Besides, the Level cap is like 250+ right?

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    A lot of people quit by then end of The Burning Crusade, when the real deal ended. They knew that the game wasn't going to end anytime soon and only get worse and worse, not necessary bad, but worse, and they were right.

    The game doesn't need to shut down, it can keep lowering it's quality in order to bring more players in, just what everything popular on this planet is based on.

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    I see Wow going F2P will be Final End for all other MMOs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seegtease View Post
    Eventually, expansion packs will stop being released. I'd wager when this happens, a new MMO is being developed. WoW servers will not be shutting down anytime soon or even in the next decade. Even if they make a new game, they will likely still release small patches occasionally for WoW, and keep them running til the cows come home.
    I think at this point they'll add in Classic...TBC and possibly WotLK servers to keep the cows coming. And the nostalgia freaks who think it'll be worth their time. But there will always be a small amount of people who will dedicate to current WoW when it ends, and when they add in the old expansion servers.

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    WoW is like Kevin Bacon from X-Men. I don't think any MMO is capable of being Magneto.

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    I get the feeling people read the bold text and ignored what was under it, shame on you.

    I get the whole TL: DR approach to life but if some of you actually 'read' what was said I clearly pointed out that all the large black texts are irrelevant and utterly stupid to make remarks about.

    The problem really is that WoW is just getting old, and old age shows after a while where as before it didn't feel like it was going to croak now its becoming more and more clear that the "golden era" it had, that time when 12.5 million players were actively playing wow, has simply passed on and its the way of things.


    That does not mean WoW shall die, just because its no longer popular, it just means it wont be as popular and that's all there is to it.

    Here is the TL: DR part for those that don't have long attention spans:

    - WoW wont end at level 100, there's plenty of content to update and add to even after leveling either continues or stops (though I admit, level 100 to me feels like the best point to end leveling itself).
    - The big bad being systematically killed off every expansion worries me, though I have no doubt blizzard might add new lore to add new races and threats, it may become a problem if its done badly and adding more to the universe at this point can come at the cost of whats already in it, people like nostalgia and want familiar faces.
    - General interest in WoW is dying because no King or in this case MMO lives forever, but as I pointed out, Everquest 1 is still going with its what, 20th expansion now? I cant remember, but the point is, if a game like that can still go even when there's little interest in it, I'm pretty sure WoW can continue too even when it stops being popular.
    - WoW's greatest downfall was its own hype, it made itself such a hyped game and made so many claims of being the best MMO ever that even if this is true (which it was) it tried to hard to impress, it got cocky, Cataclysm happened and everything went to sh1t. The quality of MOP is a drastically better expansion by comparison, Cata had very little to any redeeming qualities and for once, rather than feeling the previous expansion was better, I feel this current one has done a lot to salvage what Cata shattered forever.

    So that's the "I couldn't be asked reading the OP's post" version of it because it was too long.

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