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    political trash topics.

    I understand there has to be content generated to keep users accessing the site. clearly that should be a goal.
    What about the low quality threads popping up all day that are just QQ for or against the american government? When does that stop being discussion, and starts to become a forum for people to just slam around their political positions. The level of irrational, paranoid bullshit really degrades the quality of the site. It's like Off topic is the daily news spin, just reposting crap from around the net to pollute that section of the site.
    Sure, it is off topic, but come on now. How many Obama threads do you need in a day before you get to call it intentionally abusing an open forum in order to sell your own political theories? The whole point is to argue to make yourself rite, wouldn't that mean the whole point of making these threads is to change peoples opinions, which would kind of be like using the site for political propaganda?
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    Report it to us right away so that the mod team is aware of the issue. If you don't see the thread being taken care of and you really think it's a problem, you can also contact a global mod such as myself to poke their head in and make a decision.

    That said, our goal isn't to censor everyone. As long as someone is posting within the rules of the site, we won't go around closing threads willy nilly because the message is unpopular.

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    Got to agree with moogogaipan here. Sadly I've seen so many popular forums even ones which are on particular subjects and not just off topic, turn into a state like this. They stagnate into a never ending spam of news and political discussions between middle aged men and women and everyone else who used to visit for fun eventually stops bothering.

    That said, our goal isn't to censor everyone. As long as someone is posting within the rules of the site, we won't go around closing threads willy nilly because the message is unpopular.
    But you could make news, views and gossip and politics subforums like at twoplustwo which started out as a poker discussion forum just like this one started with MMOs.

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    I don't mind political threads but what bothers me is when someone has an actual RL issue like Girlfriend trouble or such. Some posters like to be passive aggressive and say "Amg why do posters post this stupid stuff here." It's just as 'valid' as the silly political threads that get really dumb. Also if I personally go off topic, it's mostly because I'm being silly and or I'm trying to socialize in a civil way. If that is a crime I will gladly admit to it.

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    Merging all the treads and make a rule to post politics there would be much better idea.

    Belive me i am geting sick of them myself..... have you seen me posting anything from my country? Not even once. And its even worse here than in america but i dont complain at all.
    I am ok if you post something like...thats on news. For example vulcano eruption and president calming people down. I am totaly ok with that.
    But not with the stunt treads that just call for attancion.

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