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    Holy trinket not working?

    I recently posted this to the wow forums. Posting it here in case this is seen first!

    Greetings humans!

    So don't knock the unfinished transmog, need to get a better chest piece, BUT ON WITH THE QUESTION!

    Recently acquired a very pretty trinket: Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity
    I also decided to look at my logs this last raid night, uploaded by mwah:


    The up time i had on this trinket is INCREDIBLY low. 1.2% on average, which is distinctly not what the theoretical up time is by a long shot, some posters that went through the mildly easy math came to over 20% up time. The math is posted in wow head commentary on the item.

    So people that are smarter then myself assemble! *please*

    Why would the up time on this be so much lower then what i would expect? Is this functioning as intended and I'm understanding the math incorrectly?

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    Hi Damonharp,
    this is just a bug on WoL. Look at ur Norushen Kill. It proced 10 Times for u on that Fight.
    If u use the Expression Editor and Type spell = "Restless Spirit" u see that u gained the Buff 10 Times.

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    I don't have the trinket yet but asked co-pally about this and he thinks WoL is only showing uptime at 20 stacks not the 1-19 so it's going to look weird.
    Living the casual life, oh yeah.

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    Yikes. I'm sorry i should have mentioned i'm the holy paladin seirian.
    Thanks for taking the time to make me your first post Hdik. I suppose i hadn't looked very close at the proc duration and number of times it was cast. I guess proccing 10 times and only being up for 4.5 seconds doesn't make a lot of sense. Thank you both, kind sirs!
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