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    Why is not Downfall open in EU?

    Why is not Downfall open in EU? also weird that servers are up several hours earlier than usual.

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    There was no maintenance, only restarts, that's why they're up.
    The new wings are never open when the realms launch, it takes until 10 or 11 or something.

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    As far as I know and/or can remember the instances go up at 10 am CEST (?) or some other time... Not as soon as the servers restarts.

    Usually you won't notice it, as servers are down, but when there has been just a realm restart, then you'd have to wait.
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    Because Greece already did it four years ago!!!!! AHhahaha!!!!



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    thanks for fast replies guys!

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    the servers being up early is the norm, not the other way around. and yeah, as already said, the wing doesn't open right when the server is up. raids don't reset right when the server is up.
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    its up now anyway

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    Instances reset at 8:59, and OP ask at 8:55.... Most likely the reason...
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