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    Dps help please

    One of the hunters in my guild is concerned that they are not doing as much damage as they should be. I know absolutely nothing about hunters, so I figured I would post the armory and a link to last nights logs to see if maybe some of you awesome people can pinpoint what the problem, if any, there is. Would much appreciate any help/advice you can give! Thanks!



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    Armory looks fine. Looked quickly at Sha since that's as close to a patchwerk fight as we'll have here....

    Serpent sting uptime is good. Explosive shot count seems low. It's a 6 second CD on in a 6:15 fight I'd expect about 55-60 ES shots but I see 22 hits and 17 crits or 39. Some of that could be running for prisons or dealing with reflections, but still....

    170k for the ilevel does feel low. I guess there's 2 things I;d make sure he/she is doing... 1) casting abilities on CD and 2) always casting even when moving.

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    I'm at a similar ilvl & raiding 10-man normals.

    I'll disagree with Clevin, Iron Juggernaut is probably our nearest to a patchwerk fight. Sha has a large AoE component.

    Regarding Sha, hunters can lay an explosive trap before the adds arrive then multi-shot & barrage. Barrage is an excellent talent for this fight, probably a better choice than GT (though GT is not a bad choice either). I usually manage approx 250k on this fight now.

    Your Iron Juggernaut kill was 5m28s yet your Hunter only managed 54 Explosive Shots. It has a 6s cd so that sounds about right except we get to spam an extra 2 ES every time Lock 'n' Load procs from Black Arrow.

    BA uptime is down to about 50% and should be at about 80% (20s duration, 24s cd), 100% if your Hunter gets the Assurance of Consequence trinket (BiS item for us). Better uptime on BA = more Lock 'n' load procs = more Explosive Shots.

    In summary, your hunter isn't keeping up Black Arrow enough and thus isn't firing off enough Explosive Shots.

    It might actually be that they are firing all the free ones like they should but delaying it when it comes off cd because of poor focus management. We need to spend focus on our dump ability (Arcane Shot) but always have enough at the critical moments when ES is off CD, also having enough to refresh Black Arrow & A Murder of Crows if specced for it.

    It would appear that he is firing too many arcane shots and not having the focus for explosive shots/black arrow refresh.

    If focus management is the issue (pretty much impossible to tell from logs) then Blink Strikes might make more sense than AMoC.

    Finally, he managed 16 Glaive tosses, there was time for 20-21. Not too bad but room for improvement.

    tldr; Anticipate ES, BA, GT & AMoC coming off CD and have the focus ready so they can be used on CD. Spam ES whenever Lock 'n' load procs until it's back on CD. Maintain pet & serpent sting uptimes on boss. Use Arcane Shot when you have a surplus of focus and cobra shot when you're about to need it!

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    I agree with Aere1985. It just seems quite a common factor in the whole log that he/she isnt firing enough Explosive shots and BA/SrS uptime is pretty poor. If they are struggling with BA/SrS uptimes which seems to be the main case, I would change the spec around a little, choose BS instead of AMOC for better focus management and personally I prefer Barrage over GT on all fights (seems to sim higher for me). Otherwise make sure they are firing Explo on CD.

    I would also like to add, that he/she has the lowest ilvl in the DPS group except the balance druid Hellafunky. One of the main things I have noticed is, he/she isn't running with brilliant trinkets, which will effect there DPS quite abit. There are better options in TOT HC so you might want to go farm that considering they drop from the 1st and 3rd bosses respectively.

    Just to cap:

    Fire Explosive shot on CD
    Keep BA and SrS on the boss are all times (Dont forget with adds Serpant spread is key)
    Change AMOC to Blink Strikes IF struggling with focus management
    Farm TOT HC for better trinkets on off days or before raid times
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    A plus one to everything that aere and Krillen has said, and also, get that weapon upgraded to 2/2 ASAP.

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    Thanks so very much for your responses guys I will share the info with her when she comes home from work tonight and let you know how it goes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aere1985 View Post
    I'm at a similar ilvl & raiding 10-man normals.

    I'll disagree with Clevin, Iron Juggernaut is probably our nearest to a patchwerk fight. Sha has a large AoE component.
    That or malk...

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    Your Srs uptime on most fight leaves something to be desired.. Other than that, work on making sure you're hitting the big nuke spells (Explosive shot, KC) as soon as they are off cooldown as possible. Letting those sit will bring down your DPS a lot more than one would realize.

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    He really needs to work on his opener, sub 300k openers on some fights is just really really low.

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    I looked at Malk as well. She died about halfway through so I selected the time range till her death.

    Honestly her dots look OK on this one, 71% BA, 98% SrS. BA could improve a tad, but it's not huge at that point.

    For Explosive Shot I usually go by LnL uptime. Logs indicate she had 7 LnL procs with 29 seconds of uptime on the buff. This means it takes her, on average, 4 seconds to react and fire 2 explosive shots after a proc. These are on a 1s GCD, ideally this number should be around 3 seconds.

    Someone else touched on this, but her opening could use work as well.

    [22:24:36.775] Grenicia casts Serpent Sting on Malkorok
    [22:24:37.739] Grenicia casts Stampede
    [22:24:38.737] Grenicia casts A Murder of Crows on Malkorok
    [22:24:39.735] Grenicia casts Black Arrow on Malkorok
    [22:24:41.029] Grenicia begins to cast Cobra Shot
    [22:24:42.604] Grenicia begins to cast Cobra Shot
    [22:24:43.983] Grenicia casts Glaive Toss on Malkorok
    [22:24:44.994] Grenicia casts Explosive Shot on Malkorok
    Waiting almost 8 seconds into the fight before firing your first explosive is pretty excessive. You don't need to use Crows right away as in most cases it won't cost you a use during the fight to delay it 5 seconds. However delaying Explosive 5 seconds most certainly does cost you a usage.

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