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    Is heroic HLG still worth using?

    Does it even give more mana per second than the timeless island trinket or flex blackfuse?

    Having bad luck with normal blackfuse trinket.

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    It is on a par with the 50k coin trinket from timeless isle, the flex blackfuse trinket would be slightly ahead

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    I see it range depending on procs, Usually between about 40k to 220k mana per fight. If it procs on itself the return effectively doubles. It does scale with haste as well.

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    I'd use Heroic HLG and the flex blackfuse. Remember that the list there is not taking haste into account at all in the stated values, so you have to do the math on it. Even just a tad pushes it ahead, and RNG can make it significantly more valuable than those stated values, and frequently does. Further, 5% haste is guaranteed in any real progression raid, and that alone is more than sufficient to bring its value ahead. The timeless trinket is static in value and is the clear loser.

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    Some numbers Heroic Thunderforged 2/2 HLG, all normal mode if that matters at all. Close to 3.5k haste.

    Immerseus-> 05:36 min -> 55423 mana
    The Fallen Protectors -> 04:34 min -> 74550 mana
    Norushen (not the one recording logs) -> 04:55 min -> 90930 mana
    Sha of Pride -> 04:23 min -> 53520 mana
    Galakras -> 08:56 min -> 112890 mana
    Iron Jug -> 05:29 min -> 87330 mana
    Dark Shaman -> 03:39 min -> 42600 mana
    Nazgrim -> 04:50 min -> 85200 mana
    Malkorok -> 03:36 min -> 40470 mana
    Spoils (not same room as the one recording logs) -> 06:48 min -> 72420 mana
    Thok -> 06:03 min -> 100110 mana
    Siegecrafter -> 03:31 -> 29486 mana
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