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    Question full haste for 2x rppm?

    today I won the ticking ebon detonator in lfr and used it to replace my talisman 530..opened shadowcraft and it showed a 7k dps increase if I maxed out and reforged to haste..mrrobot showed me the same deal when I hit reforge..will be raiding normals again tonight and as much as I try I still dont have a great grip on sc ..so...can anyone plug me in and tell em the best way to go ? thanks


    forgot to add char sheet ^^

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    without further information about your rogue i dont think anybody will have a "good" and "clear" answer
    i think ur gear will be at a point where the points are all evenout since u get 2k mastery from it ,
    thats my quick answer let the better english rogues help u with specific informations

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    well I cant see it being worse..but I am at a loss at why after 1 upgrade both sites tell me to go from the forges I had to full haste all of a sudden over a lfr trinket

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    Haste does not affect your RPPM trinket (the other isn't even RPPM). It does affect the cloak and meta, but those do not change significantly with new gear pieces.

    Ask Mr Robot will give you the same stat weights every time unless you tell it to change the stat weights - that's not a variable based on your gear, that's the default setup.

    Shadowcraft will tell you the weights (and ideal modeled reforge/regem, IF your weights don't change in priority from the regemming/reforging process) for your current gear set for single target.

    Since the game is not 100% single target, people are using somewhat more varied reforging. The only consensus that can really be offered is that stat weights are not incredibly different at this time, mastery is ideal for higher #s of targets, and people are succeeding with every stat priority at this time.

    Since there are numerous other threads discussing stat weights (a lot prefer mastery, still, because it feels "safest" to use across all encounters as it's historically held the lead), I'll close this to prevent clutter - just hunt around for the stickied and otherwise recent discussions of this topic.

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