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    Help with combat/sub

    Recently ive obtained 4pc + flex AoC and decided to change over since I have played assasination almost this entire tier. But I cant seem to get the same numbers other rogues are obtaining with relative or slighlty higher gear.

    Here are some of my logs

    mm cant post links my guild is erebus from frostmourne

    And my armory

    cant post armory :/ agaqt from frostmourne

    The gear is currently forged for sub combat is my offspec.

    I've tried to ask rogues on my server for help but alas i get trolled for asking for any advice on what is being done incorrectly.

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    Link to his armory:

    I don't think you're doing anything wrong with your gear. Is your dagger also a 548?

    His logs:

    Honestly I'm having trouble finding comparable logs as you seem to sit enough. I compared

    And you were way higher as sub... on a shorter fight with 2 weeks more gear. From that malkorok log, I would recommend you hit SB earlier on the pull. If you look (and discount that rather lucky second renataki proc) your AoC proc and prepot fade in the middle of your SB as did your lucky renataki proc which is an enormous amount of extra agility you could stack SB with if you use earlier. You could also do a better job with rupture as it does out damage evis even with fw.

    I don't really see any glaring issues though. If you know of any logs that are more comparable with you using different specs, that would help. But I'm not really seeing you do more damage with assassination from my skimming.
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    thanks for the reply man

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