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    Combat rotation question

    What is the optimum thing to do in the situation where adrenaline rush comes up off CD and there's still 20-30 seconds left on killing spree? With relentless blades that's really closer to 10-15 seconds or less especially depending on how many CP you have when AR comes up. With the massive spam fest of finshers during AR if used before killing spree then killing spree is up within a few seconds and then a lot of the potential time reduction on killing spree is wasted or you energy cap and waste adrenaline rush and waste a lot of CP generation from AR if you killing spree during it.

    Is it better to wait on adrenaline rush and waste some relentless blades with killing spree being off CD for a bit? Or would it be better to wait on adrenaline rush and use killing spree first?

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    I feel it's best (and feeling is yielding so far...) to just hit AR and proceed to that many FMs so you can use KS->AR->KS next time w/o sacrificing CDs. However I'm using slow OH, so fast one (less KS deeps) can net you different results.

    Lemme explain (I won't guarantee it's best option DPS wise w/o AoC):

    Base CDs are 3/2 mins, that means you KS->AR-...->KS in the beginning, then when AR is up, use KS asap (should be up after 4 FMs) and use pooled CPs from SB to reduce both CDs. This way you delay AR a bit, but ur KS will be sooner and thanks to 4p and million other things I don't understand ur deeps should be higher because KS CD is now same (bit smaller) than AR meaning u can "open" again. Repeat this until shit is dead.

    With trinket things are way easier, you can immediately KS after first AR and during second one 3 FMs are enough to hit KS. Then you do nothing looking at ur CDs coming up.

    I'd link you my log but I fucked this up this week so I hope it's clear enough >.>

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    Honestly w/o the AoC this never really seemed to be an issue and stuff was always far enough apart that I hardly ever ran into this issue. It's with the lowered CDs that seem to be popping up all the time that I'm getting into these times where there's really no situation that I can see that doesn't have wasted stuff somewhere.

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    I have HC AoC, and I use AR and SB together, and KS when AR ends, it seems to line up realy good just about every time for me!

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    I don't know what is truly optimal, but I wouldn't wait 10-15 seconds to get that last 30 seconds off your KS cd because really you are losing the full 30 seconds on your AR/SB. Now sometimes my KS is ~10 behind and I do tend to get that up before I AR/SB. I mean really what its going to come down to is if delaying AR/SB costs you an extra one which isn't that easy to guess unless its a farm boss you reliably kill in the same time each week or its very close to the end of the fight (in which case you may want to delay both for trinkets).

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