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    Biggest joke in the game?

    Proving grounds as elemental. Literally so much fucking RNG some waves I get to 24 some I can't get past 4.

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    I hate it too. I didn't even get gold and ragequit after 6 tries where I always wiped at wave 9 or 10 because my trinkets didn't proc in the dmg phase.
    Do it with a warrior/hunter/dk/lock alt and you'll be good to go. I did gold with my hunter in the 2nd try with a lot of time left and will do endless with him soon.

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    24 ? I must be doing something really wrong because I typically fail at wave 4 or 5 x)

    When I saw how easy it is for hunts and mages I just quit.

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    I feel the same, it's so demoralizing knowing you're a lot better player than someone who is 20-30 waves ahead of you, and breezed through PG due to their spec. I know I COULD make it, but I really can't be bothered memorizing the spawns and a technique just to do what someone else could do without even putting any effort into it.

    It just feels like the class is an artificial handicap, or well a lot more than it does in PvE trying to compete against affli locks and bm hunters (and due to coincidence I currently run against up to 2 locks and 2 hunters, all rocking trinkets already!).

    My DK that I'm terrible at could probably do better, it breezed through the challenges I'd done.
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    I got to wave 24 once, extremely lucky procs, timing and RNG, swapped to EM instead of Echo and using it on key waves helps a bunch. There are just times when I'm stuck spamming Lightning Bolt and it hits like a wet noodle. I think our biggest problem is that we have no multi dotting capabilities due to flame shocks 5 second cooldowns and the fact that a mosquito bite hurts more than the damage. Blizzard needs to fix our class and this is a prime example why. Chain lightning is good, but on what the 2 waves that have vermin? Fucking really?

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    I will still try do achieve gold at least, I just need to prepare my spec and gear a bit more. I went in there with my normal raid gear and spec and that was propably not the best thing. Gotta get me one DM trinket again and memorize the waves a bit better. I won't accept the fact, that my fricking alt with like 5% of playing experience compared to my shaman is doing better in there.

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    Oh good. It's not just me either.

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    Don't forget to get a 2nd helm with a normal meta gem as the LMG is inactive in there. I did find it much easier as enhance than ele when I have much better (+20 ilvl) ele gear though :/

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    It all gets scaled down to 463 anyway.
    But yeah, the thing with the helmet is right too, I had to legendary meta helmet on.

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    no LMG is the issue here, some classes have like 0.8 rppm and we have like 1.891 so disabling it hurts us so much more than other specs since we're essentially tuned around the LMG.

    don't worry we're shit for 463 PG, but we're 100% required to make a world record in challenge modes also 463 gear.

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    daught tanking heroic garrosh in dps cloak

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    I tried to get the 30 endless title on my shaman but it was such a pain so I just said fuck it and breezed through it on my hunter instead -.-
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    I always thought of it like this: Complete Proving Grounds on a class/spec that really sucks at it and you get more bragging rights.

    Like beating the Elite Four with a Caterpie.
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    I consistently got to wave 20-25 as ele once I got the hang of it. I got my Proven Assailant with elemental, and it wasn't too bad once you start thinking right.

    Biggest secret? FS, FS, and more FS.

    The more flame shocks, the more surges, the less RNG your ration begins. Target switching is a lot easier if you already applied a fs on him. You really have to plan every movement in every level. Designate cds for specific waves.

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    As ele, sometimes i got far without a hassle, sometimes just wipe on simple waves.

    dk's and mages are cheat classes, blink and trinkets allow them to fail a lot more without wiping. (they should have made the stun also a silence imo).

    Then i swapped warrior (arms) which was a lot more reliable to beat the harder waves.

    Probably picking up shieldwall trinket (haste + int on use) could be a good idea although cba trying +20min and praying the RNG gods aren't against you.

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    First day it came out I reached wave 9 endless.
    Haven't tried it afterwards because it's not worth the hassle or the rage.
    Seeing other classes do exactly the same but instead of wave 9 reaching wave 30 just shows that, it's not a skill based event but a "YOU GOT THE RIGHT CLASS" one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightbliss View Post
    Haven't tried it afterwards because it's not worth the hassle or the rage.
    Seeing other classes do exactly the same but instead of wave 9 reaching wave 30 just shows that, it's not a skill based event but a "YOU GOT THE RIGHT CLASS" one.
    Exactly, if it was just an e-pen competition it would have been fine but since it gives achievements and a title it's plain and simple terrible. Just log on your OP class, breeze through it and never look back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke Skywalker View Post
    Proving grounds as elemental. Literally so much fucking RNG some waves I get to 24 some I can't get past 4.
    Yep. I started collecting enhancement gear, cause i heard it is much easier

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    I've done Proving Grounds as an Elemental Shaman, up to wave 34.

    It's definitely not easy, you can't simply walk in with your current gear and steamroll it. Here's some tips:

    - Since gear is scaled down (but gems still work) get gear with as many sockets as possible, and gem as much Intellect as you possibly can. It's very powerful at that gear level. The Darkmoon trinket is also very handy, you can essentially guarantee a proc every wave. I don't remember what my 2nd trinket was, but I'm fairly certain it wasn't an on-use trinket (I did try, it was good, but I felt that chance procs were better. If you feel you need more dps on a particular wave, the Flashfrozen Resin Globule from Niuzao Temple is your best bet).

    - As others have said your legendary meta gem won't function either (nor will your legendary cloak proc, although it's still a good idea to use it if you have it). Grab the Burning Primal Diamond and stick it in a different helm if you don't want to regem later.

    - After intellect, opt for a haste-heavy build. Mastery is weaker at the 463 level.

    - For your T4 and T6 talents, choose Elemental Mastery and Elemental Blast, respectively. Take Glyph of Fire Elemental and Spiritwalker's Grace.

    - Managing your cooldowns is really important and it helps if you set up and write down a rotation for them. I saved my Fire elemental for waves 4, 7 and 10, for example. My bloodlust use varied but I think I settled on wave 7 for that as the dps requirement is very high. Save Ascendance for when you need VERY strong single target (both sha creatures). Don't forget Stormlash Totem, too.

    - If you are waiting on an orb to hit a creature, try and get some damage on other things while you're waiting. Wave 7 is the most important for this, it can be really frustrating sometimes (I had many wave 27 failures >-<). Kill the Amber-Shapers towards the end as you will need the orbs to meet your dps requirements.

    I can't think of much else to say really, other than it is definitely possible as an Elemental Shaman to reach wave 30, with a little perseverance. It's a great feeling when you finally do it too, I wear my title proudly ^^

    Good luck if you're still trying this Left my armory link below, as well.

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