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  • Restoration

    70 29.91%
  • Balance

    82 35.04%
  • Guardian

    30 12.82%
  • Feral

    52 22.22%
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    [Poll] What is your mainspec?

    I was checking out poll mmo-champ made about your main class, and saw druids settling around middle.

    This inspired my curiosity about your druid's main specialization.

    I would highly appreciate if you took part to this vote, to get more accurate data set.

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    Wow, no guardians?
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    i am guardian.
    however there are ofcourse fewer guardians, afterall they have hardly any represensation in pvp
    and there is only room for two tanks in raid, and from those two tank the guild has to choose from 5 possiable classes (monk & pally beeying better)

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    I actively use 4 Guardians, with Feral being the offspec (two for my main guild, one for my wife, another for my friends that are more casual)... never really got into boomkin/resto, since I play other classes for those roles. Still only counts as one vote, I suppose.

    *edit* - Should mention that I think anyone that has a druid as a main tends to level more than one, at least from my anecdotal point of view. Our guilds with druid mains have at least another 90 druid, more often than not more.
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    I am currently a balance druid i switched from restro at the start of mop and stuck with it. But i am in the works of getting a agillity set together to try out some feral/guardian stuff.

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    Guardian now. Sometimes feral or resto as an off spec.

    I was boomkin main spec during ICC in wrath (when I got that class to max level) when it was a simpler spec with massive AoE damage. I think they overcomplicated it (the reason I didn't like feral) with the eclipse bar and new rotation so I switched.

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    Never been anything other than resto, aside from a brief career as feral while leveling and a balance offspec that I've only ever used to grind Black Prince rep. I rolled the druid to heal, and that's all I've ever seriously done with it.
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    Feral is the only spec I would play before the split. Now I still mostly play feral, but off spec guardian just in case I need it.

    I have no interest at all in being a healer or a fat owl. And since no race I really like on my faction can be a druid, the glyph helps very little.

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    Feral is my mainspec (always has been) I tend to switch offspec between guardian and boomkin..depending on what I want to do ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by exochaft View Post
    *edit* - Should mention that I think anyone that has a druid as a main tends to level more than one, at least from my anecdotal point of view. Our guilds with druid mains have at least another 90 druid, more often than not more.
    Haha, good. Then I'm not alone.

    I have 2 druids, both with resto as main spec and moonkin as offspec. Have started leveling 2 more, but leveling is booring so they will probably not reach 90. I don't have any other class at 90, druids ftw.

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    2 boomkins, motherfuckers.

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    Was a feral way back in the day when it was one spec and I was offtank. When they made the switch I was resto/feral. Then resto/balance. Now I'd say in raids I spend about 60% balance and 40% healer so I picked balance.

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    Guardian <3 <3 <3 =)

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    Main feral, off resto and guardian depending what fight were doing (healing immersius and thokk, tanking dark shaman). Ever since the eclipse bar i lost interest in boomkin :P was boomkin for the main part of Wrath and loved it. Started raiding as resto tho, loved that too.
    Retired Feral druid.
    I'll miss you my old friend.

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    cat is 4 fite, there are no other druid specs

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    moonkin right now, but probably changing in wod.

    i feel like might of malorne + dynamic dots will remove the very last shred of finesse from our class and it will become just as faceroll as mage or something. might as well play mage so i can do easy arenas.
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    I haven't leveled to 90 yet (from 85) but I'll always be feral. I miss bearcatting, though. Saved so many DS LFR's that way when one of the tanks would belly flop off the islands or forget to void shift on Ultraxion.

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    I main moonkin ever since tbc. Just like the form a lot haha. Offspec on my moonkin main is whatever is needed for raids, now it is resto for thok and if a healer cant make it.

    Have an alt druid who is guardian/feral, just so I dont lose too many slots with gear haha. :P

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    Boomkin all the way. ^_^

    I also have two Boomkins, one Horde and one Alliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunnar View Post

    I also have two Boomkins

    one Alliance

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightZero88 View Post
    feral way back in the day when it was one spec
    Not really sure last expansion constitutes "way back in the day."

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