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    [Resto] Heroic Thok 25 advice needed

    I've been asked to heal Heroic Thok 25 tomorrow (second kill) and I'm looking for some advice in terms of talents, glyphs, symbiosis, etc I would want to go for specifically for this fight.

    I'm 546 ilvl using 535 Contemplation of Chi-ji and 502 Horridon's Last Grasp and have no set bonuses so taking the 13163 breakpoints means gemming/reforging completely into Haste leaving me with 10262 Spirit and 25.6% Mastery, would I be better off with the 3043 breakpoint?

    All advice welcome.
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    How'd you manage to get into a heroic thok kill with less than ideal gear? No offense, just jealous

    10k spirit should be barely enough, as most of the healing comes when you're all stacked up and you can usually regen most if not all of your mana when he's running around. I haven't had any attempts on him, but I'd imagine treants would be very helpful due to all of the stacking. Their efflorescence is nothing to laugh at, and since you don't have two really strong regen trinkets it'll save you some mana, otherwise I'd still roll with SotF. Nature's vigil is a must - it should be up for every stack phase. Typical glyphs - efflo, wild growth, regrowth. The 13163 haste bp is better than mastery in almost all cases, unless you sacrifice too many gem slots.
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    glyph Efflo and wild growth you could take stampeding roar if your strat needs a roar for people kiting as in fairness there is next to no chance to regrowth. 10k mana is really low but saying that you would probably get to p2 just about running on fumes with that and then it would be a case of regenning. The first transition you could probably get away with not healing at all but the 2nd one they are probably going to need you healing. I think that given your gear I would be inclined to go 3043 haste.

    I use Nature's vigil once the screeches are pretty much back to back, either arrange to have a HoP available for your tranq or time it with a devotion aura so you are not interrupted if you are at 3043 hast and using it with a devotion aura I think that you will need to sotf tranq to get the full cast in the DA.

    We use spriests mass dispel but be on the look out for anyone at two stacks as that is ticking for about 100k a second. Make sure you have the legendary meta for this. one thing to be careful of at 546 ilvl (albeit trinkets dragging you down) is you HP you are going to be really low in comparison to the rest of you raid so make sure you have hots running on you throughout I would probably roll you lifebloom on yourself.

    Don't bloom your mushroom until the very end of the stacking phase as you are not going to get it charged again so you may as well use it once the raidleader calls for your group to collapse that little bit of burst then may enable you to take one extra screech.

    Good luck its a good fight to heal as a druid.

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