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    Resto Haste...quick question

    So I know hots tick faster the more haste you have... Well I was bored yesterday and hit bear form and noticed my haste jumps. In healing form I'm 8135 (yes I know above or below break point lets ignore that for now)... well when you hit good old bear form it goes to 12,202.

    Is it worthwhile to sit in bear form if not tossing any other heals out for the increased tick or is it not going to be noticeable?
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    HOTs won't start ticking faster when you shift into bearform. Your haste at the time of casting determines how fast the HOT will tick for its entire duration (or until you refresh it somehow).

    So no, don't sit in bearform.

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    has anyone check if this works with efflo maybe staying in bear may it heal a bit more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tranks View Post
    has anyone check if this works with efflo maybe staying in bear may it heal a bit more?
    Whatever you would gain from being in bear to get the extra haste, would be completely overshadowed by the amount of healing lost by not casting - not even for 1 sec (since every 1 sec is 1 possible rejuv).

    In short, no don't do it, ever. Only time i spend in bear is using Might of Ursoc to soak a mine - or something similar. Don't go badgerform for healing, just heal.

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    If your healing done actually matters, you don't have time to stand around in bear form. If your healing done doesn't matter, there's little point in going bear form regardless. If you truly are that bored on a boss fight, you'd do more good by going cat form and putting up a couple of bleeds.
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