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    guardian hp

    just a silly question i am asking out of curiosity.
    I was in a instance and a lvl 90 pally had 700+ hp, what does a properly geared druid tank have in regards to health points at that level.

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    Depends on the item level / buffs.

    I'm at around 950k right now fully buffed.

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    I often push 1.2 million, and I'm not that well geared frankly. It's all gotten rather silly.
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    as a returning player i find it kind of cool that we're like raid bosses to level 60's and 70's

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    At 557 ilvl, using two stam trinkets I am at right over 1 mil raid buffed, up to about 1.1 with a shaman. I switched to HoTW last night for fun and I had a tad bit over 1 mil unbuffed in bear form.
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    With an ilvl a little above 570, I can sit slightly above 1.3mil raid buffed while still being crit-capped (with a shaman healer it's over 1.4mil). However, I generally don't use that much HP unless I'm doing something that a tank normally wouldn't do and/or plan on taking a beating, requiring more EH. I'm usually between 1.1 to 1.2mil HP with my DPS setup (DPS cloak, trinket swaps, NV, etc)... yes, that means my baseline crit is well above cap and only serves for DPS gains, but that's generally the point of a DPS setup.
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    With buffs, I currently sit at 1.1 mil. I'm estimating that BiS will give about 1.4 mil, and stam stacking BiS, around 1.6 mil.
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