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    LF a addon please help

    Im looking for a addon that will let me know when say the inchanters ward buff is up or when my tricket procs

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    Weak Auras will do just that, it may seem overwhelming at first, but its pretty intuitive once you know where to tell it what it wants to know.

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    Elvui can do that.
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    Tell me when addon works well for tracking those as well. Literally click box, type in name and select if you want timers. And it's done.

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    Anything to do with a proc/buff/debuff all I can remember is Power Auras Classic! MoP version to.. http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/power-auras-classic-v4

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    I would use Power Auras Classic, TellMeWhen or Weakauras for this, wich one you pick is up to you depending on what you prefer.

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    Use TellMeWhen if you want to keep it simple. Weak Auras is create if you want more customization. You can almost always find an existing script for WA for whatever you want to track if you google it.

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