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    Auction times

    Is it best to put items up for 48hrs and leave? Or for 12hrs and keep cancelling/reselling to undercut?

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    Depends on how much you want to play the AH.

    I put things up for 48h regardless because I want to spend my time playing WoW, not generating gold off poor saps that don't want to farm.
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    I put gems up for 12H because within that time, all of them will get undercut anyway. I just relist them once a day at noon, because hardly anyone buys anything between midnight-noon in my experience.

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    Depends on the item. Anything from past expansions I have on a seperate banker that puts everything up for sale for 48h. I just don't want to be bothered with that kind of petty stuff to much, even if I want to sell it. (part of this is also that I'm on a slwoly dying server and I know it helps people to have random crap on the AH, so I try to keep stuff I get listed, just to help others that might need what I have.)

    Anything current expansion is on my main banker, this means usually the more bulk items like gems and such, and anything that needs some attention to keep relisting, but not a constant watchful eye. These items go for 12h max, allways.

    For anything that is special, or expensive I use my main. It means I know directly if something is sold, or if someone whispers me asking about the item or anything like that. It also means I can check every now and then if I need to relist it or not. Current items I am or have been selling include the mount and gear items of 5.4, and the largest bags we can make with Tailoring, for the simple fact that my main makes them, so I don't bother sending it over to my main banker even if that's where the item should theoretically go. Same thing as for my main banker, these items never go longer then 12h max, cause I relist them so often that they never stay that long anyway.

    TL;DR: Anything of previous expansions for 48H, anything current 12H.

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    I put mine up based on what it is, the deposit it requires and how quickly I expect to be undercut. Enchanting mats are good for 48 hrs, sometimes they are immediately bought out based on the time of day. If its a high deposit item, I usually put it 12 hrs, especially if I expect I will be undercut (jewelry, items that drop in raids that are BoE, etc). I don't like to babysit my auctions much anymore like I used to, but I also like to lose the least amount of gold if they so happen to not sell.

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    Any item where there are a lot of them on the market: I.e Gems/cloth/herbs etc then I use the minimum of 12 hours due to undercutting. Anything a bit rarer, say a recipe or a blue item I will generally leave up for 48 hours since they have a more specialized demand, and therefore generally need more time to find the right buyer!

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