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    Draenor EU, same shit, with wednsdays being the top bottleneck, a good 70 minuttes login queue before a 21:00 raid start.
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    And anyone who says the alpha model looked like a fox or feline, and that the current model resembles a wolf better needs to be smacked with a National Geographic magazine. Several times.

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    yeah, you better log in to WoW soon after you come back from work, or you're screwed on Silvermoon.
    I'm not complaining though, full realm is 100 times better then dead one.
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    I waited 40 mins to get onto Kazzak after work, eventually got into my raid then an hour later we all started disconnecting. After a few d/c's and one seriously long one i was welcomed back with a que of 800+....

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    Twilight's Hammer hasn't seen queues since early-mid Wrath from what I recall.
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    Just saying. Remote desktop from Work, Woop woop! One year ago when I did reside on Frostmane I had to log on to WoW from my workplace via Teamviewer and kept myself online by not going afk for 1-2 hours. Last thing I did before my 40 min journey home was to make sure I wasnt afk . I always got home in time for raiding !
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    they need a better system or some sort of better incentive for tanks and healers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zylur View Post
    they need a better system or some sort of better incentive for tanks and healers.

    Login que.

    Not dungeon Que

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