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    All the ancient quests I did for the old Loremaster on my pally back in the day before Cataclysm. Having originally leveled a toon mostly questing in TBC, trying to figure out what quests I had left in mid-Wrath was a bit of a hassle. A very rewarding hassle I would do again any day (week, month...), 'cept of course I can't anymore. Oh well.

    I think I enjoyed Loremaster more (the first time) than even the AQ sceptre chain I also finished around those times. AQ chain required too many other people to truly make it only my effort, whereas all the Loremaster research I did for myself by myself. The only thing I still majorly dislike about Cataclysm are all the lovely quest chains that went away.

    Thanks for getting me back on Nostalgia Express, I guess.

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    The most recent thing is Shahao rep. Pretty big pain in the ass. Admittedly, you can stretch it out and do it in moderation, but I don't know what moderation is. Got exalted, bought the mount (90k coins left over lol) and since then haven't spent more than half an hour there across a bunch of alts. I'm more than halfway done with the 9,999 dinosaur bones; I'm sure the two are comparable. I may have done something that was a bigger pain in the ass, but I cba to think of it atm. Too tired.
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    Easily my Lionheart Champion during BC. I first dropped 345 engineering and started from scratch with blacksmithing, though I had 375 mining. farmed allllllllll the way to 350 to make my Lionheart Blade under hellacious scrutiny for being a ret paladin, then farmed 12 primal nethers when they were BoP only and you could only get them at the end of a heroic. This was BEFORE they nerfed it down to only 8 primal nethers. Never did manage to get my hands on 5 Nether Vortexes for the Executioner...

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    Trying to quit, and so far failing.

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    Finding a guild i don't hate? :P

    Im not sure tbh. Maybe trying to down Muru in Sunwell, or getting my last mage 0.5 tier set from stratholme in vanilla. Both those took ages for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellerix View Post
    What's the thing you worked hardest for in WoW?
    Most definitely my "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been" achievement and the Violet Proto-Drake that came as a result of it. I cannot say which holiday I started the grind with, as it was started sometime in 2009, and it's literally been over three years since I got the achievement done in 2010. However, I know VIVIDLY how it all came to fruition.

    The bane of my existence for that achievement, as well as my wife attempting to earn that achievement, came in the form of School of Hard Knocks. I've done a ton of PVP, even had toons twinked back before the whole ability to turn XP off was introduced. Yet, those sub-requirements of the 'Hard Knocks' achievement just seemed completely out of reach to my wife, and to me. An absolutely awesome guy by the name of Gondur (Prot Paladin) on the server where we were offered to help us, once we had both managed the "Return a fallen flag in Warsong Gulch" and "Assault a flag in Arathi Basin" portions of the achievement. That just left us with "Assault a tower in Alterac Valley" and "Capture the flag in Eye of the Storm" left to do. Gondur joined with us, and we dove into Alterac Valley. We ran to a tower, hoping to be able to catch it and assault the flag. Upon entering (on our Horde toons), we found a stack of Alliance right on the flag. First instinct was to open fire on them, hoping to clear them out - and Gondur yelled to us not to attack/stop attacking. I was thinking W T F... but my wife and I stopped attacking. They never once returned fire, allowed me to assault the tower, and then converted it back. They also allowed my wife to do the same, and converted it back the same afterward - not even attempting to chase us down after the fact as we left the tower altogether. I almost felt like I was in some sort of WoW version of Candid Camera, as it was unbelievable to say the least. I forget the end result of that BG, but suffice it to say we left there only needing to conquer the "Capture the flag in Eye of the Storm" portion left to go.

    We jumped into Eye of the Storm afterward. Gondur told us point-blank to rush the flag - one of you get it and I'll hold them off. Thus, my wife and I, wondering how the hell he was going to manage stonewalling the Alliance team long enough for us to make a grab each, much less for us to be able to cap. I ran up first, grabbing the flag. Bear in mind I had NEVER ONCE attempted to grab a flag in there, and had only set foot inside EotS maybe half a dozen times prior to that. I honestly felt like I was hearing the damned Chariots of Fire music as I ran for dear life. It felt so slow, and I was honestly expecting to be gang-rushed and get destroyed at any moment. I managed to get to a base, cap, and WHAM! Both School of Hard Knocks and For the Children went off back to back - then What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been afterward. I was so happy I nearly burst into crying, as I figured doing it all was unobtainable. No time to sit though, as my wife still needed to make the same journey. We dashed back towards the flag point, Gondur still walling off what looked like the entire Alliance team. My wife grabbed the flag and began running, me trying to play escort as she had for me. Same feeling all over again, insert more Chariots of Fire music here. She managed to get to the same base I had capped at earlier, and capped in order to get her multiple achievement spree completed.

    Gondur congratulated us, and asked over BG chat if anyone else needed the capture achievement. At least two other people said yes, and he maintained the wall while they grabbed and capped, myself and my wife playing escort for them. When it was all said and done, it felt like we'd won the freaking Super Bowl or something. It was all very surreal. The unobtainable had been put in reach and made possible by one person willing to go out on a limb, without expecting to be paid huge lumps of gold or whatnot. To this day, I count Gondur's selfless act as one of the reasons why I still play Warcraft, and my wife and I try to help others when we have the chance to do so.


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    A damm Molten Core raid took forever but C'thun...months wiping there!!!!

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