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    Nagrand in WoD - changes?

    The developers made a point of saying that Nagrand was the one region virtually unchanged post sundering. So what could we possibly expect to see different on Draenor 2?
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    There will be water on the coasts instead of just open air. Other than that, probably nothing.

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    Probably less floaty-bits.

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    Hopefully no Nesingwary grind quests or another poop collecting quest.

    Another arena would be welcome though and a bigger, improved Halaa with better rewards to encourage people to battle for it.

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    More populated, less floaty islands, undamaged Ogre settlements, uncorrupted West Hills, a coast and a fishing hub, a Draenei Hub, an Orcish hub, an Iron Horde Advance with an antagonistic settlement or two. Some very big monsters and the return (or technically, arrival?) of Hemmy Ness-dawg ready to punch their lights out. The Throne of Elements will likely serve as a spiritual hub for the region and may take on a similar role as the Temple of the White Tiger in Mists. This is where Thrall's Chen Stormstountian Family Adventure is likely to lead rather than Frostfire Ridge as this was a primary Frostwolf hub (Garadar is named for Garad, Father of Durotan and Greatfather to Thrall and his kin). Oshu'gan... Something, something. PvP Hub... Something, something.

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