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    I've always felt like flying removed the immersion I felt oh so long ago, but there wouldn't be a good way to rekindle that long dead fire. Flying around in the Outlands just feels right, but I'm unsure about Draenor. Azeroth was built for ground mounts, so it looks good from down below, as opposed to making weird routes over endless canopy and wasteland. Paying gold is obviously going to be part of the training portion, but I think it should have a rather in-depth questline that could be completed in a day at most, to contribute to the cost. I'm not sure about inflation in Draenor but since you earned ~5k in MoP, I'm assuming leveling and the questline will be able to cover the cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boblet View Post
    Uh, no? I was able to buy my basic flying as soon as I hit 70. Epic flying certainly didn't take MONTHS of farming either. Maybe a month if you weren't heavily invested in doing it.
    Yea tooks me 2 weeks somewhere wasnt that hard it was more easy that getting mine 100% ground mount (tooks months)
    P.S. i never use slow fly also i was preff to use mine ground 100 mount back in the days before buff on all mine toons till they obtain the 280 speed
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    OP must have been a terrible player to think that everyone in BC didn't have the 1k for flying. I had over 800 gold, borrowed 200 from a guildie, and had him payed back in full in less than two weeks.

    And Blizzard's idea to remove something from us for the sake of gankers and people that have zero self-control to use ground mounts themselves is a horrible idea, and it's going to be daily hub mistake 2.0. I'm calling it now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sethman75 View Post
    Think its a great idea.

    Why do you need flying when you reach cap?
    I don't, really. It makes things a little more convenient. Oh, I suppose if a guildie or friend or my wife or someone wants my help somewhere in the zone, it makes it faster to reach them. But who would want to improve the social situation any?

    Quote Originally Posted by sethman75 View Post
    Earning the privelege to fly is something special that should take you months to achieve.
    It fucking did, when I saved up all that money in The Burning Crusade YEARS AGO. I have fucking been there, and I have fucking done that. Going back there each expansion fucking sucks. (Fuck! :P)

    Quote Originally Posted by sethman75 View Post
    When you do, people respect you for what you have done and you had a reason to progress at max level.
    See, there's where you're wrong. When I see you on your special super low drop rate mount that / mount which used to drop every time on heroic ONLY if you could do it on 25 man because Blizzard fucking hates 10 man raiders, I think "What an asshole". Yogg mount people hovering over the AH mailbox, I'm looking at you.

    Quote Originally Posted by sethman75 View Post
    Think of it like a legendary quest without the raiding
    How many legendary items do you have? I have the bow, the (second) staff (DW:TR) and the cloak. The bow was a random surprise drop. The staff was an immense amount of work, created lots of jealousy and friction, and was literally nerfed between the lockout I completed it and the lockout I first got to use it. The cloak was just something I did over the course of most of the entire damned expansion, does not feel in any way legendary, etc.

    That said, I did it. On my main. I would not have not and will not be doing the legendary cloak quest on even one alt. I know lots of people do - not me. Not interested. By that token, if jumping through a ridiculous amount of hoops to get flying is something Blizzard decides they just have to ram up my ass, I'll do it - but I won't be playing my alts anymore. They're dead to me and this will be the nail in their coffin and another step towards my retirement from wow which is a huge pity because at $15/month it remains by far the best entertainment bang for my buck.

    See, that's what all the smug "lulzderp I love no flying" people - much like the "f yeah mythic 20 man eat shit and die 10 man raiders lulhuehuehue" people - fail to understand. Blizzard is taking something away in WoD that we have now, that some of us really like. So the threads where people bitch about it? That's the mourning process. Because no matter how smugly the rest of you love these changes, some of us are pretty well fucked over by them, and we're expressing that. Just because it doesn't effect you doesn't mean it's fake or ok.

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    We already paid for and learned flight, why is this the one ability we must continuously pay for and relearn. Why is it even considered a "reward." Flight is a mode of transportation.
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