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    Question About Flex Lockout

    I just got out of a Flex wing 1 run, it wasn't fresh and started from Protectors. I got up to Sha and wiped on it twice before everyone quit. Now my question is if I start my own (I joined someone else's before) Flex group will I start from the first boss or Sha? I just wanna get a chance at my weapon (I play a ret and don't particularly care about the first boss or redoing the others).

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    If you had killed Immerseus, you would start from Sha.
    Here, I don't know. I supposed you'll start from Sha, but not sure.

    In the worst case, you should be able to kill Immerseus, leave and tag again. Being at 3/4, you'll end up on Sha.

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    I am pretty sure if you would start then it would start from Sha but if you join to someone else run or you make someone else to Queue who isn't saved then you will be able to get loot from all bosses you didn't kill.

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    Just form a group and pass lead to a friend that hasn't killed any bosses yet. Guaranteed Immerseus.
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    You start at the first boss not killed by the raid leader when you queue. So in your case, you'd start at Immerseus if you are leader when you queue.

    EDIT: If you want to skip Protectors and Norushen, you could requeue after killing Immerseus.
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