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    Macro help?

    Is it possible to create a macro that can do this for me:
    I want a macro that has Cobra shot and explosive shot in it, and when I press it I use cobra shot if Explosive shot isnt available.
    Or something like that, is it possible?

    and is it bad to have it like that? I dont want to waste any explosive shots xD
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    That's not possible. Bind them to different keys and make a huge weak aura when ExS comes off CD so you know to push it right away, if it's been a problem for you.

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    Sounds like a horrible macro.
    Lets say ES is like 0.1 seconds of finish its cd and you start casting cobra instead. You prospone it 1-1.5 seconds.
    Just keep them on 2 separate binds so you always can see the CD of ES. Specially with 4p since you need to spamm ES 3-10 times in a row.
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    Basically what the two said above. You'd find yourself hitting cobra WAY more than you'd like. Keep it simple, 2 keybinds. I know our class is button-bloated but those two should be a main priority.

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