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    Why are people paying soda poppin and giving him gifts ???

    Who is he?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ace777 View Post
    Who is he?
    the top wow streamers get tens of thousands of dollars of donations per year. if you really wanted to know who he was you'd google, if you wanted to start a pointless jealousy thread you'd...oh wait

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    Because "famous" people get free stuff, that's how it has always worked. What planet are you from?

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    Well as you may or may not know, he is pretty popular streamer. He started streaming on Xfire years back, and joined Twitch around 2 years or so ago. Pretty difficult to answer on behalf of everyone that has donated/gifted him, but most people find him quite funny and want to support him so he keeps streaming/entertaining.

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    Get out of here you biased angry child. I don't even watch soda... but if you can understand that he's a streamer and people want to give him money, why bother asking who he is? It's obvious you're biased against him, that's cool, enjoy your life. Why don't you go on w/ your life instead of complaining that someone better than you at WoW can make money from it. Can we get a mod to close this thread please?
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    because he gets money from the petrol mafia
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    Didn't really feel like an angry or childish thing to say, seems like he may actually be interested in why people do what they do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ponzoo View Post
    Didn't really feel like an angry or childish thing to say, seems like he may actually be interested in why people do what they do.
    then he'd google it
    what he did was passive aggressively showed his displeasure which is easily seen as jealousy

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    I dont know why all the aggressiveness towards me because I see that he isnt a big raider or a strong pvper. I just wanted to know whats he famous for. I see him everyday on twitch and I dont notice anything special about him

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    I'm going to close this for a couple of reasons.

    - One: the question has been answered.
    - Two: The thread isn't really about WoW.

    Apparently the OP knows who he is after all and wonders why he's famous. Internet fame is like any other sort of fame: it happens. If he's entertaining then people will support him.
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