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    Nerf's in LFR are usually valid. I haven't done part 4 yet in LFR because the que is like 1h+ and part of the reason for the long que is that nobody want to do it.

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    All of OP's threads are blizz bashing threads and always does he use arguments you would suspect from someone who achieved something ingame but... well. Sorry :/ Boring.
    Nerfs are fine in LFR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by l33t View Post
    Because LFR serves a function of giving non-raiding people some fun, and there is neither fun nor sence in tons of wipes in LFR?

    I quite don't understand the LFR hate trend, tbh. Why it continues even now, when all people who don't want to carry other people have Flex, that is a question. Some kind of mind momentum, I guess? I don't run LFR now due to having a possibility to gear my alts in Flex, and I never saw a problem in other people having their fun, be it LFR, pet battles, dailies or ganking. If you don't like LFR - don't do it. Why hate?

    i'll explain it for you.

    There are people who do normal and heroic raids who hate it when people who aren't at their L33t skill level also get to see content. They believe that the content should largely be exclusive, JUST FOR THEM.

    Next thing they really hate is the gear. They hate that people who aren't as l33t as them might as get epic gear. Worse than them getting epic gear they get the same looking gear, except for the color. Never mind the fact that the stats on the gear are probably worse than the last tier's normal mode gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipaq View Post
    What players? All I see (beside reset day) are just assholes that are not willing to put up ANY sort effort.

    20+ wipes on trash before Garrosh (mobs that got nerf 3 times in a row) because everyone are aoeing to pad the meters instead of focusing dps on the right one.

    50+ wipes on Garrosh (on alts), because ppl are trying to emulate Method 25H kill video... and kick those with a clue to the easy mode strat.
    You really get bad groups!
    Because all of these wipes blizz is nerfing it?

    LFR is not intended for organized groups or groups who spend a lot time working out tacts or anything, right?

    So seeing the nature of what you describe.... the nerfs should be welcomed.

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    The issue is when you force people who don't care to raid into raids as their primary content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaPe View Post
    It's been whole one day. Hardly enough time for anything to "be in line" or gather enough data. Or maybe I'm wrong and they can gather enough data in just one day - except at that point you have to ask, why didn't they fix thousands of different things back on PTR.
    Maybe they anticipated on a numer of succesfull runs the first day.. and didn;t reach that?????

    And if they could fix everything on ptr, well then there would never be fixes on live, i believe.
    The other thing is... I don't know how many of the players to whom lfr is aimed at, participates on PTR.
    I mean here we have players who don't read the journal nor do they spend much time on websites telling them how to reforge, gem or enchant.... so I don't expect them to pre-learn fights on PTR.

    Maybe they aren't even using dbm and then just read when to move out of stuff or stop dpsing or whatever.... they are just going in and kill stuff! Fight them with what they know, how little that may be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thassarian View Post
    Considering it took the group I was with 7 wipes, I'm not surprised. That said, we wiped for reasons that wouldn't even be affected by these changes >.>

    First wipe was to ranged not killing a Single Siege Engineer, second was to no one cleaving the adds as the OT Tanked them so far away that Melee just couldn't switch without dropping damage on Garrosh, third and fourth were to derps ignoring players during the MC phases (Not even like they had too much health, people just didn't switch. As a Ret I could only interrupt everyone so many times before all I'm left with is Rebuke >.>). 5th and 6th wipes were to P1 Iron Stars, ranged all of a sudden though that 5 stacks of Determination meant they didn't have to do anything and the 7th wipe happened because an incredibly impatient healer pulled when a tank went for a quick piss.

    It took nearly 2 hours to kill Garrosh in LFR, that's just fucking ridiculous.
    Then these hot fixes aren't going to help you or the group you were with.

    The trash before Garrosh was twice as hard as Garrosh himself. We had to actually CC the Reapers! /gasp
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    Oh no, they nerfed trash.

    Truly these are the end of days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ansible View Post
    Then these hot fixes aren't going to help you or the group you were with.

    The trash before Garrosh was twice as hard as Garrosh himself. We had to actually CC the Reapers! /gasp
    Really? The same group I had AoE'ed them down >.> Granted we had an astounding Protadin, so between me and him we interrupted most of the casts.
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    I find disturbing the interest in LFR from people who are completely uninterested in LFR

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    LFR hate is getting really old now, yeah you can get grouped with shit people, who cares? Get over it, you'll get a slightly bigger repair bill oh no.

    I thought LFR sucked for around a week, now I don't care, I clear everything, the shit whiners are the first to leave and better people replace them, it's great.

    I had fun, actual fun! killing Garrosh on LFR last night.

    I used to be an elitist, high end raider, now what I think is, I play to have fun, I don't get stressed out over WoW anymore, I don't NEED to be on for 6 hours+ EVERY night without fail, I can do what I want, and actually enjoy it and not get burned out or just want to log off as soon as the raid ends and get as far away from WoW as possible, it's amazing to actually have fun in this game again, hardcore raiding has its perks, but man, the difference of 4 years hardcore high end raiding vs casual in MoP, while I miss the old times, I'm having faaarrr more fun as casual.

    Nerfs in LFR make no difference to your gameplay, move on.

    Do LFR to gear up for flex, move on to flex, boom, everyone's happy.

    I hate this attitude that people expect to one shot everything, even on LFR which is faceroll, you are with random people, some good, some terrible, expect wipes, people moan about one wipe on a boss, can't imagine what they'd be like if they were wiping hundreds, literally hundreds of times progression raiding with the boss not even going down, do you know how depressing that is? It's amazing when you kill him for a minute, but the week(s) of stress is not.

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    Its harder to type raid walk through on YouTube then to run LFR.
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    Who cares, it's just LFR. You can stand on a spot the whole time just tunneling Garrosh with AOE attacks and still come out on top even before the nerfs.

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    Another thread were the OP creates a thread and never responds. Yup, another troll thread.

    OT: I hope they include more nerfs to LFR. Easier=better. I got 11 90s that I enjoy taking turns playing, so quicker I can gear them, the better.

    Loving the LFR nerf QQ though

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    I support all LFR nerfs. LFR should be a story-mode raid where it's nearly impossible to wipe. Not because I give a shit because I don't do it, but because actual decent WoW players who still do it don't deserve to be verbally abused or trolled because LFR's existence is a design failure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rucati View Post
    Perhaps the fights were harder than they intended them to be, and as such they nerfed them?

    Haven't done LFR myself (because really, why would I ever go there?) but judging from people saying it's taking 4-7 attempts to kill it, yeah, sounds like it needs a nerf.
    Is this honestly what raiding and what this demographic has become?

    People seriously can't be bothered to have to sit through 3-4 or more wipes to kill a raid boss? That's just downright pathetic.. it's a raid, not a pinata.

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    Garrosh was not tested for LFR in the PTR, so naturally there would be some adjustments.

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    I'm afraid even post nerfs today didn't do much since people still ignore the most simple things. Killing Axe on Garrosh, moving..., killing Siege Eng. etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Army Dreamer View Post
    I see no problem with LFR nerfs. You do normal and heroic raids on your main. You do LFR on your alts to gear them up.
    flex/normal on my alt, soon heroic it's a really easy tier, i'd rather down a bottle of absinthe and learn to juggle knives than run into the "raiders" in LFR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synstir View Post
    Maybe the numbers got nerfed because they wheren't in line with the intended players?
    Blizz should have data on that and responding on it, i believe.
    Who are the targeted players in this case!? Bots!?

    You can mouthbreathe and AFK through LFR right now! I mean it's a Vending Machine for Epics right now! You queue, hit okay, cook your dinner, and come back to an epic!
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