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    Play in Full screen, Window Mode or Full Screen Window mode?

    As title says - Do you play WoW in Full screen, Window Mode or Full screen Window Mode?

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    Fullscreen. Just looks better I'll switch to windowed mode if I'm waiting for a long queue to pop, so I can browse the net and not miss it.
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    I have two monitors so I play in windowed mode.
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    Merely a Setback Slowpoke is a Gamer's Avatar
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    Fullscreen Windowed, because I want the fullscreen look but not the insanely long lag time when alt-tabbing in/out of it.
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    The Lightbringer OzoAndIndi's Avatar
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    Window mode. Older computer and not the most ram in the world, just easier on it that way. Full screen Windows mode for only a minute now and then if I want a large screen shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    Fullscreen Windowed, because I want the fullscreen look but not the insanely long lag time when alt-tabbing in/out of it.
    Exactly, plus my computer is powerful enough that it doesn't adversely affect my performance in any significant way (not that I know if it does to begin with).

    That is, when my MoBo doesn't fizz out on me. grumble grumble

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    I am Murloc! MasterHamster's Avatar
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    Fullscreen, because for some reason my fps gets cut in half if I go window maximized...
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    The Patient
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    Windowed. Easier to tab to wowhead, and I can see who is making that god-awful noise in Vent.

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    full screen windowed, it just makes alt tabbing and general multi-tasking so much easier

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    I play on a small-ish window on windowed mode because it makes it all easier to browse facebook, wowhead, mmochampion and porn sites while playing
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    It takes me only half a second to alt-tab so it's not a problem for me.

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    Full screen windowed, because windowed=win full screen=win Double win.

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    I play window mode, I have 3 monitors so I'm not going to play WoW at 5760x1080.

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    Full screen windowed. Fullscreen is obviously best but you have to do full screen windowed for multiple monitors, which I have.
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    single screen should be full screen, you get all of your resources poured into the game, your also stressing your components less and as a result, less of an electricity bill, if you think computers are super low power equipment, you couldnt be more wrong, they can easily pull 400 watts plus, and considering how long your on your pc for, well, treat it well.

    also you do get a better performance boon from full screen, and before anyone asks
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    as the core parts
    not me mention wow is installed on a SSD

    and games still get a noticeable dip with windowed mode, not to mention, windowed mode is usually most peoples reason to why WOW is 'laggy' and yet they wonder what it could be...

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    For WoW, windowed mode. I spend a lot of time just browsing the net and since WoW is the sort of game that has a community like it does, and is an MMO and thus has quests, tabbing out is just easier from windowed mode.

    For SC2, fullscreen-windowed.
    For BF3 and BF4, usually Windowed, sometimes fullscreen.
    For Hearthstone, windowed.

    I guess it depends on the type of game for me. If it's potentially slow paced, windowed mode. If it's fast paced or I need to be paying complete attention to it, fullscreen or fullscreen windowed. If there's issues with the cursor in Windowed mode (as there sometimes is with SC2), then fullscreen-windowed. Even though I only play SC2 against AI, I still need to pay attention but I sometimes need to tab out and be able to see what's going on. With BF3 and BF4, I'm probably going to be watching an area and need to be aware of everything going on, thus there's no benefit for me to tab out. However, still running in fullscreen-windowed mode allows me to switch out if I for example need to change volume of music if I want to continue listening to it (after reducing the in-game volume of course).

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    Got two monitors, so Fullscreen Windowed all the way.
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    FPS - Fullscreen
    MMO's - Windowed fullscreen
    Hearthstone - Windowed
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    The High Seraph Iliyra's Avatar
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    Fullscreen Windowed all the time, even with only one monitor.

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    Windowed. It's easier to switch to different things in windowed mode.

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