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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyranne View Post
    I think most people don't even know they exist.

    I discovered their existence a few weeks ago

    Problem would be solved if the proc just have you a normal blue quality gem, rather than one named perfect <name of green quality gem>
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    As a JC I don't think they're a failure. I actually use the perfect gems for my own gear and sell rare quality ones or bank extra greens when I have enough perfects for metas.

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    Slightly off-topic but this highlights the features severely lacking in both professions and the AH UI.

    I can never remember the names of gems so if, for example, I want to cut an int/mastery gem I have to look through every orange gem until I find it. We need a way of searching for gems by stats, both in the crafting UI and the auction UI. That way people looking for int gems would see the perfect cuts listed too.

    I'm really hoping Blizzard totally revamp the AH and crafting for 6.0

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    It would be nice if when you "proc" a perfect cut, you just get the rare quality cut. So a Perfect Delicate Pandarian Garnet would just be a Delicate Primordial.

    That said, I agree that the AH UI is quite terrible, but it is quite easy to augment it. It would be great if auctionator was built in, but I'd rather Blizzard spent that time on new content, when I can spend 30 seconds to download an addon and have it anyway.
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    I litteraly made a fortune selling perfect cut gems. Buying out all uncut uncommon gems for less then 1g a piece (sometimes a bit higher, depended on the color and availability). Made most of my money with Yellow gems, bought stacks for almost vendor prices (14g a stack) and sold all perfect gems for at least 80g. 10% will be perfect on average, so I already got a minor profit vendoring the 18 non perfects (15g40s), add 160g, and I just made over 1000% profit. Do this a quazillion times, and you have lots of easy money.

    Couldnt keep up with the speed they sold. So, can hardly call it a failure AH wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grand Crusader Absalom View Post
    One question that springs to mind: why are you cutting the common uncut gems? Should be making them into necklaces/rings then DEing them on an alt or paying an enchanter.

    *assuming you're trying to make gold
    Spirit Dust tends to go for 1.5 to 2g on my realm. Usually leaning towards the latter.

    I've made better GPH just vendoring jewelry.

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    It's a bit stupid to want the perfect cut to be just named like the rare gem cut. After all u are cutting diffrent gem no matter that the stats are the same. However i do agree that naming them Perfect (insert green quality gem name) xxxx is also stupid, because not everybody know they exists, as some people already stated above.

    What would be better i think is just to make a unified name for each type of gems with same stats on them, but i don't really have idea how this should be done right tho. :P

    P.S. I also like that idea of Daedelus about AH upgraded UI for searchng by stats too :P

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    Necks/rings give much more bang for the buck IMO. Just a bit more work.

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    There's stiffer competition on the normal blues so they are generally cheaper than the perfects, at least on my server.
    A search for 'delicate' now for example, cheapest Delicate Primordial Ruby has a buyout of 49g88s while the cheapest Perfect Delicate Pandarian Garnet sits at 77g89s, Keen Vermillion Onyx = 68g97s while Perfect Keen Tiger Opal is a whopping 224g. There are many examples, for some gems the Perfects are indeed cheaper but when they are it's on the not so wanted cuts where there's no competition on the rare gems and the price difference is usually under 1 gold.

    Quote Originally Posted by Schwert View Post
    Spirit Dust tends to go for 1.5 to 2g on my realm. Usually leaning towards the latter.

    I've made better GPH just vendoring jewelry.
    Same, they're like 75s-1.5g here.

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    My AH addon automatically fills in my search when I start typing the name of a gem so the only time I ever look for perfect cuts is when the normal cuts are ridiculously overpriced.

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    I reached the point awhile ago where I don't really gripe over the price difference between rares/perfect cuts. Lately though shuffling ore I've been testing out selling the perfect cuts.

    Since the price of Ethereal Shards dropped it seems more gold to sell perfects rather than vendor green jewelry and DE the blue procs/450s for shards to sell. I have a bit of OCD, and in the past I tried to keep either using all perfects or all rares, so the tooltips matched. I assume there's others out there who do the same... Right? ;_;

    Personally, I do not like the perfect cuts. At least not as they are. I'd prefer them to work in a way similar to how making Primals with greens works, without the spirit involved. Say, 5 of each green color to cut into one rare version of said gem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prag View Post
    I agree with the above - it's just cumbersome to search for gems in the AH. When the difference in cost is only ~10-20g, most will just go for whichever they see first.
    Auctionator is good for this problem.

    I just type in for example "delicate" and it will show me the cheapest price for Perfect Delicate Pandaren Garnet and Delicate Primordial Ruby etc all on the same page.

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    They are retarded and you should just be able to proc extra gems on occasion when cutting in the same manner as alchemy specializations.

    Saves blizz some dev time and everyone a headache.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grand Crusader Absalom View Post
    One question that springs to mind: why are you cutting the common uncut gems? Should be making them into necklaces/rings then DEing them on an alt or paying an enchanter.

    *assuming you're trying to make gold
    This isn't necessarily true. You'd have to look at prices on a server to server basis. For instance, on my server I can sell perfects for 60g consistently. Dust is worth 2g. Essence is worth 12g50s. Shards are worth 30. Serpent's Eye is worth 6g. If I cut the uncommons I get an average value of 6g/uncommon. If I DE/d a 450 blue that costs 1 JC setting (1g5s)+6 Serp eyes (24g) +6 uncommons (worth 6g as perfects=35g). 36+24+1=61. Even if the shard procs, I still lost money.

    Then there's the uncommon jewelry. 1g5s for the setting+3 gems all worth 6g if I cut them=19g5s cost. Their disenchant value after factoring in the guild perk is 6g96s. Hardly worth it. That's for shadowfire necklace. Ornate band is never worth it because Tiger Opal go for 18g and should be used with a xmute specialist regardless instead of wasted to help get 6g worth of enchanting mats.


    OP My suggestion is use perfect cuts for yourself/guildies and/or try to sell them in trade chat if they won't sell on the AH. Just a little consistent advertising on tradechat might be a enough to make people realize they are out there.
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    I never cut uncommons. just de fodder imo.

    as for rare greens, some are profitable, most should go to primal diamonds

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    There's usually no perfect cut gems on my realm's AH at all, and if there are they're stupidly priced (generally much higher than the normal blue cut).

    That's why I usually just transmute my green gems from shuffling into blues (or make jewelry). I'm usually swimming in more motes of harmony than I know what to do with so getting golden lotus is cheap and easy.

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    i always search for perfect cuts before regular and see which is cheaper. perfects are generally at least 10-15g cheaper on my realm and i don't mind doing practically nothing to save some gold.

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    I don't care about the price difference. I just like looking at my gear and see that all gems look the same. It's absolutely stupid but whatever..

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    Easiest way to do it is to go to underminejournal for your server, then crafted/Jewelcrafting. Look for under Red/Yellow/Green/Purple perfect cuts for gems which have a price you find acceptable that is lower than the rare cut and make sure it's a cut that you know sells as a rare. If the perfect price is higher than the rare price, you probably won't sell it (although you could always undercut below the rare price if that's a better deal).

    Send Tiger Opal to your xmute (assuming you have one) or just sell them uncut. Mass produce blues into whatever while you AFK and then vend them.

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    biggest problem is the search, post the gem you need and you never get a perfect as result.
    well i go by "accurate" and klick search, most of the time it saves me around 100g ^^ (our ah is realy stupid and got lot price dumpers :P)

    and if there is no gem usally the way by buying 20 green is still cheaper then buying a gem for 400g

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