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    Or.... Use your greenies for Primal Diamonds.. since 5x are required to purchase the legendary meta, I would expect the market for these would be better.
    Why? I transmute Yellow, Green, Purple and Orange gems if the GL cost is less than buying it off the AH since these are the four most in-demand color gems either for rare quality cuts or for primal diamonds. Better off saving the red and blue uncommon quality gems for next expansion for leveling purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yindoo View Post
    Most of my friends search for "delicate primordial".
    I always search for "delicate".

    So the players are the problem, not the gems.
    That's what I tend to do. If 'Brilliant' is at its normal 60g selling price, I buy them and don't bother logging my JC to cut'em. Oddly, I see the green perfects listed higher (75-80g).

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    As ridiculous as it might sound the rare cuts look more aesthetically pleasing so I never buy the perfect uncommon ones, even if they cost a lot less.

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    I'd say stick with them and maybe even hit up trade once in a while if needed, don't spam but point out that they are up for cheaper or something

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