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    Need some log reading for my guild's warlock

    Hi folks,

    Just need some expert eyes on the logs of our warlock. He's destruction. I feel his numbers has a little bit of inconsistency, mainly single target dps (eg. Garrosh boss by himself, ignoring the initial AoE/Thok/Paragon/Mel etc). I'm not sure if it's his reforge/gemming or rotation that can use some work.

    logs for this month: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/284932/
    today's logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/6622d2puuq62i57c/

    Much thanks in advance.
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    Honestly it's not that bad. Shitty trinkets are definitely holding him back. His reforging is a little bit everywhere, but secondary stats don't make or break Destruction.

    Here are some things I found though:
    1) He needs to learn to Havoc. He used it once all night, on Galakras. Havoc duplicates the next 3 spells he casts onto a secondary target or the next Chaos Bolt. Using Havoc wisely (getting Shadowburn on adds, double Chaos Bolting with procs) is what separates a good parse from a bad one. This needs to be used on cooldown anytime there are multiple targets up. It's free damage and embers in same cases.

    2) His Dark Soul usage is poor. This is his big cooldown. In general it seems like he's waiting to build up embers before using it, he should be using it a couple seconds into the pull
    Protectors - was fine
    Sha of Pride he didn't use it until 2 minutes in - he could have snagged in a 3rd one if he used it on CD
    Galakras - could have used it 4 or even 5 times, only used it 3 times
    Iron Juggernaut - he could have used it a third time (during execute and didn't) On He needs to be doing it on cooldown, and if he can get used to it, take AD over KJC.
    Shamans - was fine
    Nazgrim - Only used it 3 times, could have used it a 4th time

    3) His Chaos Bolts could be better lined up with procs, but again it's going to look low because his trinkets aren't the greatest as well. With his gear, as a general rule he wants to be aiming for about a 1M average Chaos Bolt. He's around 800-850K. Better trinkets will help this.

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