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    Can use some help and advice! DISC PRIEST

    Hello, I am a Disc priest and want to know how I can become a better healer. I have done a lot of research and managed to learn the spec a decent amount. I usually am in top 3 heals on anything that I do but I know I can become better but I don't know how to efficiently gear my self. I am running about 15k as Disc http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/Bauwce/simple and find myself to oom sometimes in fights (from what I have read there should be no way that should happen) I don't have a WoL of my an encounter with my current gear but I do have one from about a week ago when I was about 8 ilvls lower http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-wskkyt95vi45c69o/details/76/.. I feel like I can sacrifice a lot more spirit and transition into having more Crit and haste but I don't know what I am casting that is making me go oom so goddam much. I shall be updating with a current WoL when I get my hands on it so you can better asses my issues. Thanks in advance.

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    ANY suggestions and criticism will be greatly appreciated.

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    Disc Advice

    Personally i would stop using smite and holy fire, constantly casting smite will drain your mana, i use penance as my attonement healing with power word solace, so i am not always casting.

    Also using Halo is a big mana drain, depends what boss you are on and if you are on 25 man raids, but i swap between the last 3 talents depending on the boss, halo being the least of my choices.

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    Your use of penance is a little bit low. You should be casting it offensively on cd in almost every situation. Find some way to track it better such as with weak auras. :/ That is probably the biggest thing I notice looking off hand.

    You might also consider getting rid of the pw:s heal gylph. I honestly have not used this but maybe once during t14, and before that in Dragon Soul before they nefed it on beta.

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    Your penance use is very low. Use it on cd offensively, unless you can predict the tanks will take heavy damage and want to stack grace. Use mindbender on cd. Drop PWS glyph, it's bad. You cast flash heal 16 times...I don't remember the last time I cast that spell as disc. You can drop about 5k spirit and put most of it into crit. Get the int/crit leg enchants. Divine star is much better for this boss since almost everyone is stacked. DS on reflections and swelling pride.

    I would recommend this:
    Quote Originally Posted by Zosyn View Post
    1. I would not gem for spirit.
    - Red Sockets: Potent Vermillion Onyx (80int/160crit)
    - Blue: Misty Wild Jade (160spirit/160crit)
    - Yellow: Smooth Sun's Radiance (320crit)
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    My 5 cents:

    1. Character
    a) get rid of inner fire glyph and pw:s glyph. go for output, either weakened, binding, holy fire - depending on fight. if you want defensive glyphs, either inner sanctum (if magical damage) or fade for reduction cd.
    b) get rid of spirit, if you are afraid of going oom you can reduce it step by step. try aiming at 10.5k, later you can adjust it. start with gems (as mentioned in previous comments) , chest enchant, reforges (reforging out of spirit).

    Quote Originally Posted by Solaner View Post
    I feel like I can sacrifice a lot more spirit and transition into having more Crit and haste
    perhaps no haste now. you have a lot of it already. try to aim for 30% crit.

    c) upgrade! assuming from your progress there is a chance that items from normal modes will last you for some time, it is worth to spend valor points on upgrading them

    2. Playstyle
    a) very low uptime of Archangel. For example on Galakras - 14,4%. Should be much higher, 40%++. Try not to look at it as cd for special occasion, use it every time its off cd.
    b) consider playing with lvl 90 talents. Try divine star sometimes, on fights with some kind of grouping.
    gl on drops, 2piece is awesome
    c) you should see nice difference in mana usage/healing output once you boost up your crit a bit

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    Did they ever fix the glyph of binding? Iirc it would just heal based on proximity and did no smart healing. >_>

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    Thanks for the advice guys and gals. I will work on these things immediately. I did not know that AA was supposed to be used on each CD nor that I was not supposed to cast PW:S liberally. I will need to adjust how I play/position myself with my other lvl 90 skills. Halo is a huge huge boost to my heals but like you guys said, it is a huge mana drain. I will also drop those two glyphs and switch them out. Again thank you for the advice. I'm raiding on Monday again so Ill have the weekend to play with these changes so I can adjust my heals. This is my updated WoL from Friday nights raid which better reflects what I am doing. (This raid log was before I posted this) http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-06gqx0a9toapige5/details/4/?s=8207&e=8683

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