View Poll Results: Which is the most sought after DPS class for Raiding?

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  • Warrior

    13 1.90%
  • Paladin

    9 1.32%
  • Death Knight

    6 0.88%
  • Rogue

    11 1.61%
  • Monk

    5 0.73%
  • Druid

    21 3.07%
  • Shaman

    14 2.05%
  • Hunter

    29 4.24%
  • Mage

    38 5.56%
  • Warlock

    525 76.75%
  • Priest

    13 1.90%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Okacz View Post
    Movement is pretty much not a big deal anyway, anybody can move while dpsing.
    Ever played a Moonkin? Guess not...
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    Range: warlock
    Melee: rogue

    Both are capable of mongoloid dps.

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    I love the warlock revamp. But I must admit, they have far too much (necessary) utility to also be the top damage class. I mean, you'd bring them if their dps was shit, just becasue of SS, rocks, portal, soaking, etc, etc... But the catch is that their dps doesn't suck. As a matter of fact, it's arguably the best in the game.

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    It's very rare that polls about "Which class is _____?" are this conclusive... Warlocks is one of the least played classes despite being very good in raids and in a good state for both PvE and PvP.

    Not surprisingly the other high ranked answers are also ranged.
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    Gateways, portals, summons, healthstone, 30% passive DR, #1 dps, locks are just OP

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    warlock obviously...always been and always will be

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    i thought Feral druid in BiS was supposed to be the strongest dps in game

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    Nobody ever wants us Death Knight DPS..

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    Warlocks, yeah...that was so unexpected!

    jk fucking OP class :3

    I think many people want hunters because of their buffs in 10 mans, but in 25 man everything is covered and, unless they do high damage like in SoO, they aren't that useful unless it's a high movement fight or some Thok silence/running BS.

    Otherwise I think the most sought DPS are GOOD moonkins. I only know like 5 really good moonkins in my national 25H scene that are worth a damn and the rest is okish. A really good Moonkin does great DPS (as great as you can be compared to WLs :3) and brings much much to the raid. Roar is very helpful in many many fights, a fast BR can save the day, Innervates are good, Symb can be awesome. Their symbiosis allows them to soak some stuff or to make them tankier in long healing-intensive fights. Oh, and the Tranq...topping the raid in like 4 seconds is nice and if you have some really healing intensive fights you can continue to blanket reju the raid and heal insane amounts (even more than main-healers unless they also use all their CDs?) of damage. Vortex and Typhoon are also handy depending on the fight.

    So yeah, WL and Boomkins, maybe some rogues and ferals melee-wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunasta View Post
    While I agree Warlocks are the most wanted, I'd argue Boomkins are the most sought after since they're not nearly as abundant.
    I agree.
    Warlocks are definitely the most popular to take with you in raids, but sought after? There are TONS of and more than enough Locks around atm.

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    Warlocks nothing is even remotely going to compete with this lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaceape View Post
    i thought Feral druid in BiS was supposed to be the strongest dps in game
    They are on single target. There's only a handful of single target encounters in SoO though.

    OT: I find it really depressing that there's a faction among this community who thinks Hunters are really good right now. We bring average, consistent DPS and a toolbox of buffs for 10man. In progression 25s, we bring zero utility and only mediocre DPS and survivability.

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    Between a warlock, druid, and shaman all bring amazing utility.

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    You can never have enough warlocks.

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    /end thread

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    why did people vote priests? lol

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    Was not surprised to come in here and see Warlocks being the most common vote which was also mine ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vilvaldi View Post
    I prefer to bring the player not the class...
    except warlock ofc
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    I'd say Warlock for Ranged, Rogue for Melee (when you "want" melee). A good Warlock is IMO worth their weight in gold but the class is for me at least insanely hard to play and very confusing since you have to manage a ton of things and for me at least you spend more time watching DoTs than actually doing anything else. But then again I suck at my Warlock
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