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    Yeah, he did. He wanted to be hands off unlike Chuck, but Chuck wasn't exactly hands on either.

    But everytime I think of that I can't help but remember this scene.

    These things that Dean mentions aren't gonna stop happening.

    And the story around that is Chuck was being an ass for not helping.

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    Oh yes I know. All 3 Abrahamic religions are like that. Be good, worship and you enter heaven for eternity. (Although the worship part wouldn't really fly with western audiences) But then again neither Chuck or Jack said they need anything like that. Idk, the mythology in this show feels largely inconsistent. Obviously Chuck is nothing like God who's beyond time and space, but it has been like that for the last few seasons.
    As the season continued to roll on it was revealed that Chuck had a much bigger hand in controlling and manipulating things for his own personal enjoyment. He even states the reason he loves this universes Sam and Dean is because they never do what he expects. That said, Chuck still wrote out what happens to them and everything good and bad, especially the bad, was all done by Chuck.
    Jack is going completely hands off and letting humans shape their own story.
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    Good, not perfect, ending. RIP Sam & Dean.

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    Didn't keep up with Supernatural too much and this threat made me curious but holy mother of cow did Dean the guy who fought demons/monsters/gods/death/GOD just die like that? wow, sincerely wow, that was like game of throne level of ending and i thought making god so human like was a fail on this show

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