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  • I dont' care about subs.

    124 72.94%
  • Subs drops mean the game is getting worse, but I don't care as long as I dont feel any difference

    28 16.47%
  • When I see subs dropping so much, i wonder why I'm still playing

    18 10.59%
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    Why on earth would anyone give 2 shits about how many people play the game? If you have fun with the people you play with then why would that ever matter?

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    sub numbers are like day time soaps.
    You can get really into some deep meaning ( even tho there is not one) and get all emotionally invested, but lets not forget about the personal entertainment factor.
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    so long as the game continues to exist i do not care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    As long as I'm personally having fun why should I care?
    I agree. As long as I enjoy the game, I don't care if there are x or y players around.

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    As long there is enough to keep content coming at its current pace on a subscription paid model then I'm happy. If the gap opens up between content patches or the content is utter crap due to lack of developer funds or if the game was forced into free to play / pay to win then I'd quit.

    Didn't pick a poll option because there isn't an option to cover my opinions. Just because subs drop doesn't necessarily mean the game is getting worse, there are numerous other factors to account for.
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    As long as Blizzard is supporting the game and there are people to do stuff with I don't care about the exact number of subs.

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    I do not enjoy this game anymore (haven't since TBC) so I get happy when WoW loses a lot of subscribers. I believe it forces blizzard to acknowledge that it has made a huge mistake with the direction of the game and I hope it makes blizzard realize that the game play model was much better before with attunements, raid progression model etc... and without any convenience tools, such as LFR, LFD, etc... that completely destroys any sense of server community and immersion in the game.

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    As long as i'm able to get in good guilds and theres people playing the game its not important. After all WoW would be very boring in single player..

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    I don't really like the poll choices, but I guess because I'm thinking deeper. I voted that I don't care about susbcribers because I really don't. My only worry is that at some point the lower revenue will affect the active development of the game. That is my only concern at the end of the day. That and queues.

    As long as my queues get filled and the game is actively developed, I don't care if I'm only playing with 500k-1M people. I play several MMOs with those numbers and they don't inherently feel different because of that.

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    I only care if it makes queues longer or makes it otherwise more difficult to play. Presumably they will just keep connecting realms, so I don't see that being an issue.

    Why would anyone care otherwise? Will WoW just not seem "cool" enough if a lot of people leave? As long as it's fun...

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    Ok, so from what i see nearly everybody agree that sub numbers don't matter

    However, what about actual effects of sub drops? For example, less players mean there are less guilds per realms, it is harded to gather a group for older instance run on trade chat, 25-man dying cause it becomes harder for them to find new recruits... summarizing, game experience worsenes factually as less and less players play (ah, Blizzard introduced that new system for realm merging, but we don't know yet if it will work fine).

    Over years, I used to play on both one of the lowest populated (Scarshield Legion) and biggest populated (Burning Legion) realms (in this order). If only relams like Scarshield Legion were available to play... I doubt I would EVER return to playing.

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    Only ridiculous people care about that.

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    I love being on a massively overpopulated server like Sargeras so I hope they stay high enough for that not to go away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafoel View Post
    However, what about actual effects of sub drops? For example, less players mean there are less guilds per realms, it is harded to gather a group for older instance run on trade chat, 25-man dying cause it becomes harder for them to find new recruits... summarizing, game experience worsenes factually as less and less players play (ah, Blizzard introduced that new system for realm merging, but we don't know yet if it will work fine).
    They have had cross realm grouping for some time now. Effectively the whole population of WoW (per region) is available to group with. Even before connected realms grouping was a non issue and never will be again. Virtual Realms just solves economy, visual presence, and faction imbalances (possibly).

    Plus you have to realize that the ratio of roles in the queue are going to be relatively the same. Other games don't have 5x longer queues b/c they have 1/5 the players WoW has. It's not like the next 2 million sub drops will all be tanks, ruining LFG. It will be an equal removal of people from the queue.

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    As long as my friends are still playing and my server isn't empty. Sub numbers are otherwise pretty much irrelevant to me.
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    Really funny alternatives there, buddy. Both are very much reflective of your own stance, NOT objectivity.

    I don't care about subs, never have and never will, as long as I can play and do enjoy the game. I'm also too old to overthink stuff and try and predict the future. Subs lost only matters to the company, it's their job to worry about it, not mine.

    My servers are generally full, I see no decline in activity on any of them from when I began playing in WOTLK and I didn't even learn about what subs meant and how many this game had until I had been level 80 for a long time.

    People worrying about subs/hoping for them to go down to get some weird satisfaction, "revenge", on the game should really just move on and focus on enjoying themselves instead.
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    I quit WoW to play SWTOR a while ago because all my friends had quit the game & the game had got boring for me. I left SWTOR to play Runes of Magic because the end game was boring. I left ROM to go back to WoW because some friends were resubbing. Since then, I started playing Rift because I got bored of WoW. I still have a WoW sub because I occasionally play but its just boring at times.

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    If you care about SUB's, you're playing WoW for the wrong reason.
    - I think Sub numbers are awesome, I think it shows overall where the game is, in terms of if it's ENDING soon, etc.. But people QQQQ over sub numbers like it's the reason THEY QUIT WOW.

    Come on, You, yes YOU don't work for Blizzard, and Subscription increase or decrease means NOTHING. Came back at me when servers were still dying at the END OF WRATH.. yeah, TONS of people were flocking to Mal'Ganis, Illidan, Tich, Darkspear, and MANY MORE.. (US btw) - get over it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafoel View Post
    Several months ago I did quit WoW as the neccessity of doing various daily/weekly activities to maintain good raid performance began being really tiring. Recently I started rethinking my decision, recalling all funny and nice moments I experienced while playing. However, as the arguing inside my head went:

    - hmm... so maybe give it a second try?
    - dude, you left it cause it stopped being fun, you dont't remember?
    - well, it was some time ago....
    - yes, you stopped having fun. Why would you have it now?
    - Maybe it wasn't the case of game... maybe it was cause of my real life situation... ( I indeed had some serious real-life problems in that time )
    - Hey, but other people are also leaving, yes? This game has just gotten worse dude... that's why you stopped having fun!

    Yes, that's it! I was stunned by the fact that this argument even CAME to my mind (I thought i never cared about subscription numbers ), but appearently, subconsiously, it was always an important factor. So, it seems that inside my brain the situation is as it follows:

    1) Subscription numbers are dropping - the game is getting worse and worse and will be still getting worse - therefore, no point in returning.
    2) But if the numbers were rising - hey, the game is getting better - I must return and at least try it for some time.

    But, as only point 1 is real, it might be possible that people that think about returning are discouraged by the fact of dropping subs. Would the sudden sub rise have a huge psychological impact and cause further sub risings? And what about you? Is sub number important to you in any way?

    P.S. Added poll to the thread.
    Subconsioucly sure, subscription numbers play a part. I mean everyone wants to play the "popular" game out there at first. I mean half of those that play COD simply do cause tons of others do. Everyone wants to try the game and see what makes it popular in the first place. That is how it starts. Then there is something that keeps him/her coming back to the game, it could be the sense of exploration, competition with other gamers, etc.

    But there is much more to that than simply sub numbers dropping. Sub numbers dropping often is due to lack of quality in the game in the first place. But for those that play with friends isn't going to be bothered about sub numbers since they play within their social circle if you get what I mean. For those that play this game on their own with in game acquaintices, it could mean much more since you don't really have those strong social bonds and connections. So you wouldn't be willing to go through all the crap in the game.

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    I play a game based on how much fun I'm having while playing it.

    I do not quit a game because other people don't find that game worth playing. It's not like my personal past times have ever been super popular with the world at large to begin with, nor is either type of Football even remotely interesting to me.

    I suppose I'm a little interested in sub increases and decreases as far as it relates to filling up my guild's raid roster, but that's about it. I'm not so attached to WoW and my characters that time invested feels wasted, should I decide to walk away. I stopped playing for about 60 days at one point during Cata and frankly didn't miss WoW in the least, but re-subbing (it was a planned near two month break, not an "I QUIT!" tantrum) was more fun than not. I was able to be more objective about how I spent my WoW time and felt less pressured to keep up on dailies and gathering for raid mats. If it's not fun, I won't participate, but I do keep up on my enchants/gems/flasks (angst free, now).
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