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    Quote Originally Posted by stripesrus View Post
    I do not enjoy this game anymore (haven't since TBC) so I get happy when WoW loses a lot of subscribers. I believe it forces blizzard to acknowledge that it has made a huge mistake with the direction of the game and I hope it makes blizzard realize that the game play model was much better before with attunements, raid progression model etc... and without any convenience tools, such as LFR, LFD, etc... that completely destroys any sense of server community and immersion in the game.
    I think the only thing they can really take from sub losses at this point is the game's nine years old and still has one of the highest populations ever seen by an MMO that's pay to play. I don't think there's any other game that's nine years old that still sees as many people play it regularly as WoW.

    At this point, the only expansion that can directly be connected to the sub drops of its period is Cataclysm - it was such a massive difference from Wrath and Blizzard recorded and acknowledged it as responsible for sub drops. And Wrath was the high point in subs - and it didn't have attunements, and the raid progression model was in TBC (and, technically, the same as it is now, you just have a choice as to which difficulty is your aiming - except they've added a permanent swap to a Heroic mode setting).

    Personally, I don't care about the sub numbers, as long as there's enough people to do what I want to with in the game. With the increasing presence of cross realm and realm 'mergers,' that doesn't seem like it'll be an issue for a long time. I end my sub when I get bored with the game, and then come back in about three to six months to play for another period of time. It cycles, and I play long enough each time to have fun and see the current level of content.

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    How shallow can someone be to care about subscriber numbers? Ask yourself the following.

    I am having fun? > No > Stop playing
    Is it fun? > Yes > Keep playing.

    Subscriber numbers shouldn't factor into anything, I've played other MMOs that are great and have considerably less subscribers.

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    I mostly don't care. However, I want WoW to do well. Because more money = more resources for them to make the game better. But as long as my realm is healthy, population drops don't really affect me.

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    I don't care, as long as I'm having fun I'll stay subscribed.

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    When there are suddenly A LOT of subscripers unsubbing after a quarter, I'm starting to think what went wrong with the game there. I usually don't mind as long as I have enough stuff to do that entertains me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafoel View Post
    However, what about actual effects of sub drops? For example, less players mean there are less guilds per realms, it is harded to gather a group for older instance run on trade chat, 25-man dying cause it becomes harder for them to find new recruits... summarizing, game experience worsenes factually as less and less players play (ah, Blizzard introduced that new system for realm merging, but we don't know yet if it will work fine).
    The only thing that matters is the size of server that you are on. Game experience "factually" worsens is incorrect in general. It will only be correct if your server's population went from high -> medium/low or medium -> low. If your server's population is consistent then you wouldn't feel any changes.

    I thought I'd meantion that 25man is dying because of the 10/25 split and not the effect of sub loss but this is off topic.

    Like you said, Blizzard's connected realm is here to solve the population problem on various servers. Connected realms is an improved version of CRZ which has been in place for over a year now so it's much more refined. You should expect to find it working fine generally speaking. Before the realms are connected though, I would say if you had a char on high pop server, nothing would be different when you resub.
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    If you have a vivid server and a good queues (meaning enough people are playing), it's all good. Now balance and such is another subject...
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    The game is fine, players are the problem and it definitely deters me from playing games in general.

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    As a generalization, it means the game is getting worse. Or that it isn't great and better options are being released to which players can migrate towards. On a personal level though, it matters as much as you let it. So I chose the second option, as it holds to what I feel objectively. First option is almost identical, but a bit more abstract.

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    I only care about sub numbers in the sense of having other people to play with. So what if subs have dropped 5 million since the peak in WOTLK? There's still 7 million other people to play with. As has been mentioned already, this does have a bit of a trickle down effect when it comes to server populations, but with the addition of CRZ and connected realms, that's not quite as big of a deal, either. Some people might pause and think the game is going downhill if they've lost that many subs, but opinions on different features are obviously very subjective. I get annoyed with CRZ when I'm flying around Northrend looking for rares, but love it when I'm leveling a new toon and there are actually other people in the zone. Plenty of other people hate CRZ altogether. I love LFR for the most part; allows me to raid when I otherwise wouldn't be able to due to schedule fluctuations. A lot of people despise LFR and think it's only for baddies. I've mostly enjoyed the lore and storyline of MoP; others hate it or couldn't care less. I could go on and on, but the point is, just because other people lost enough interest in playing the game to quit, that has little to no bearing on how enjoyable the game is to ME.

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    Subscription numbers are dropping. The game is getting old, in general, and the end of the expansion is in view. It has nothing to do with quality. There's more variety in WoW than there ever has been before.

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    Only matters as far as your server's population, imo. My server died some time ago and when I found myself shouting in trade for 2 hours to get a jeweler to cut a gem because there wasn't any on the AH I started following the topic.

    I've been watching all Blizzards contortions trying to bridge dead servers with LFD, LFR, CRZ, coalesced or connected or whatever it is now realms and I find it both fascinating and repulsive in a train wreck kind of way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saxtorph View Post
    Subscription numbers are dropping. The game is getting old, in general, and the end of the expansion is in view. It has nothing to do with quality. There's more variety in WoW than there ever has been before.
    You can't really say 'it has nothing to do with quality' since you don't know exactly why those people left. And since MoP has lost as many, if not more subs than Cataclysm (and has trended downward since it was released), perhaps it's simply not considered very good.

    The only thing that humors me about sub numbers is how folks use them as defense mechanisms for varying situations.

    Is another player quitting? "Another random leaves, you'll be back, no one cares, can I have your stuff, good riddance"
    Quarter numbers are announced? "Stop the presses. It's clear that these folks left because of a game mechanic I dislike, let me connect the dots for you"
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    For the most part the only people that give a damn about subs (except for Blizzard, obviously) are people who've already quit and "moved on" and want to try and ruin everyone else' fun.
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    If I still played, I would care.

    It would mean the company would get less income so they'd either have to release less or lower quality content or try to make up for it by introducing microtransactions which is something I can't stand. I've never bought anything from any cash shops and never will so it would either mean having no access to some of the content(while still having to pay the same amount of money), pay to win (even quicker leveling is pay to win in my book) or the game going f2p. Either way, Id have to find a new game to play.

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    Means little to me, I still find the game fun and enjoyable.

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    Subs don't mean too much to me compared to the amount of players & friends I am able to interact with.

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    It's amusing to see so many people have such different reasons for why subs are dropping, and be so convinced that they're right.
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    Sub drops never meant drop in quality of the game, subs are affected by many other things and it is extremely shortsighted to try to connect the two. Worse even is this terrible habit of projecting personal dislikes onto the sub loss numbers that people to so often here, not only that is ignorant, but it also very selfish to assume thousands of people have the same opinion as you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galbrei View Post
    Sub drops never meant drop in quality of the game, subs are affected by many other things and it is extremely shortsighted to try to connect the two.
    Do you have actual data to back this up?
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