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  • I dont' care about subs.

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  • When I see subs dropping so much, i wonder why I'm still playing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbeth View Post
    If I still played, I would care.

    It would mean the company would get less income so they'd either have to release less or lower quality content or try to make up for it by introducing microtransactions which is something I can't stand. I've never bought anything from any cash shops and never will so it would either mean having no access to some of the content(while still having to pay the same amount of money), pay to win (even quicker leveling is pay to win in my book) or the game going f2p. Either way, Id have to find a new game to play.
    The subs are dropping though and Blizzard's response it to hire 40% more staff. So it won't mean less content

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    None of those options I'll bother choosing. As sub loss is something I'm concerned about I don't want to see Blizzard go into panic mode and release some awful new payment model or rush lacklustre content out. Though just because there isn't 13million subs anymore doesn't mean I've lost interest in the game. I'll play it until I find it boring and take a break and come back for new content or whatever. I primarily raid so as long as the raid content is good I'll be fine. Even if the game sits at 4mil subs It's still more than enough for them to support the game. I just don't want them to go into a panic if they do keep dropping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Do you have actual data to back this up?
    I have common sense. I once stopped playing WoW for a while, not because of game quality, but because I needed to concentrate on college. Common sense dictates other people could have other reasons, unrelated to game quality too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galbrei View Post
    I have common sense. I once stopped playing WoW for a while, not because of game quality, but because I needed to concentrate on college. Common sense dictates other people could have other reasons, unrelated to game quality too.
    That's an anecdote.
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    It's not that important to me. Millions of people buy the music of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga; so numbers are certainly not a guarantee of quality.
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    Who cares as long as my friends still play and the game isn't dead? I'm having fun and that is all that matters

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    Fuck you, that's where.
    I don't give a crap about the individual subscriber but I do realize that; More subs= More frequent and better quality content.
    So I guess it's kinda important to me.
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    It's worth noting that even after losing roughly 3 million throughout Cataclysm, they actually made more money that year. This suggests that the people who opted to continue playing are actually having a better time, more or less, because they're now paying for enough of the frivolities (i.e. race changes, mounts, transmog helmets, etc.) that it's covering the money lost from millions of unsubs and then some.

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    WHY should i give a damn about what other feel about a game that i like to play

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    With the introduction of Connected Realms I don't care much anymore. Previously less subs meant I'd run the risk of seeing my realm die and be stuck on an empty server with noone to play with. Now we have Connected Realms such a thing won't occur. Blizz will at the worst just keep merging servers till the game runs out of too much subscriber base to keep going. I'm fine with that. As long as there are other players to play the game with I don't care about actual sub numbers.

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    Subscription numbers don't mean a thing to me; why should I care if other people enjoy the same things I do? It's server population that matters. As long as my server is healthy, the rest of the game could die off and I wouldn't even notice. Unfortunately, my server isn't healthy.

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    As long as the sub count doesn't dip so low that they close the game, I don't care. My server's incredibly lively and healthy

    The sub numbers dropping aren't because the game got worse since Wrath. In my opinion, MoP is the best expansion yet. Most people just don't play the same game for six or eight or more years-- they play for a year or three, get tired of the time investment it takes to keep a MMO character up to date, and move on. And how many gamers do you know who are interested in MMOs, but haven't played WoW at any point?

    The sub numbers are dropping because there's a certain amount of turnover, but there's not enough fresh players left to replace them because they all played the game in Wrath. WoW's also going on ten years old and there's a ton of good free to play MMOs these days; it's not like six years ago where WoW was the clear leader and everyone else was playing catchup. If you were getting into MMOs for the first time, would you go with the one that has a $15 a month fee plus the cost of expansions, or the one that s free and just charges for a few unlock-able classes and cosmetic gear?

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    Why would I care about subs. I judge the content on my own, if I think its bad, I stop paying.
    As for Siege of Orgrimmar and Throne of Thunder, it is the first time we have had two very good raids in a row since TBC, which is promising going into next expansion.

    But honestly, subscription numbers are based on a whole different type of player than me, if they make my class easier, raids and gearing easier I lose interrest. Im playing wow for the challenge, grind and competition, not for raidfinder (like majority of all wow players). So no reason to measure sub numbers with my interrest in the game.

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    Whether or not I play is not based on subscriber numbers - the population of a particular server can be an influence, but those can and have shifted while overall subscriber numbers were still going up. Having friends and/or being in a fun guild are pretty much why I'll stick around for more than the time it takes to check out the latest expansion.

    Now, as a matter of curiosity and watching to see how Blizzard (and to some extent, the market as a whole) reacts to changes in subscriber numbers...especially the steady downward trend of the last couple years? That I find incredibly interesting. It's like watching history being made, much as it was when watching the numbers go up and set records when I first started playing. Just the good old "desire to see what happens next" coming through (as well as seeing if predictions I made with friends 2-3 years ago play out).

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