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    It's worth a shot. It's a good idea, and saving time during raids = more time to kill new bosses. They may be all for anything that helps do that.

    Consider that if your group isn't terribly consistent, it may waste time overall by having to stop and wait for new people to get the addon.

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    unless you are going for first page on wowp Id say it doesnt matter that much, in the end it depends entirely on your raiders and their attitude.

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    I don't see how it could hurt. Considering you're in a heroic raiding guild, I'd assume that progress is pretty important and that you'd want to maximize effectiveness to kill the most bosses. I have no experience with the add-on, but as long as it's pretty simple and lightweight, I see no reason why not to try it out. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.

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    I think it's reasonable if you are raiding heroic modes to tell everyone to download a relevant addon such as this.

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    Well you either comply and do everything you can to increase the odds of progression or you get benched :P

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    Our guild rules specifically include 'have all required addons installed', which they accept upon joining the guild.

    While you should obviously try to avoid changing things like thisfrequently, I think a 2 week warning is more then enough. Also take note of the players that comply promptly, compared to those that have to be dragged into it.

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    Just make sure that people know that the addon is a very easy and large help when it comes to making the raid leaders life more tolerable. If people still aren't using it and repeatedly keep messing up cooldown cycles etc then it obviously means they have no respect for you, nor the rest of the raiders and taking someone more dedicated will surely yield better results.

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    Raiders in heroic raiding guild should recognize things that are being done for efficiency (read: to make kill stuff easier) and comply. It comes down to disciple, respect, and commitment towards the goal of progression. should be fine, if suckas have a problem with it, then maybe they shouldn't be in the raid group.

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