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    Easy to Abuse: Closing Threads you don't like


    What bothers me is how fast it was for any moderator (I'm not bashing, blaming or anything on you Radux) to close down a thread because people get into "name baiting".

    Why does this bother me? Because of easily abusable this is to use, whether its through legit or crony "name calling" posts.

    Here are two hypothetical examples, one done by legit means and one done by crony ways.

    //Example 1\\ (Legit)
    (1) You for whatever reason have an extreme biased view to a fictional thread in the forums. You start off by yelling, profanities, name-calling, whatever to earn yourself infractions and ruining the thread.

    (2) Others join in for trolling or retorts, escalating the hate going around.

    (3) Moderator comes in, says one post and closes the thread. End of story...

    //Example 2\\ (Crony)
    (1) You are biased or don't particularly like a thread. You get 4-5 of your buddies and get together and make a plan to do the same thing in Example 1>Steps 1-2. Thus landing to Example1>Step 3.

    (2) Or worse, you can make 4-5 extra accounts and use those to create a fictional flame war that would make a Thread closed.

    Even with those steps done, the final hammer is always when the Moderator comes into play. Their is blame to go around with Moderators to, for 2 big reasons.

    (1) They don't give warning posts to those trying to destroy threads or before they do so. It's just instant goodbye.

    (2) They don't infract or ban those trying to do so.

    This is way to easy and open to abusers, and Moderators need to give more leeway before making decisions.

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    If a thread is caught early before it gets too bad it can often be warned and saved. However, there are times when we don't catch things early enough (mostly when people don't use the report function to report people) and by the time we get there it is beyond saving so we just close it. That's the general guideline we go by, if you think it should be changed (especially if you think someone is abusing this ability) please use the "Contact Us" form (button on the top right corner) to contact the admins and address issues with moderation to them directly as they are the ones who would decide any changes.

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