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    If you knew you would run the other way.
    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfKnees View Post
    No, because Rexxar and Saurfang were undeveloped to fit the post of the Horde. Rexxar hasn't been important since Warcraft 3, and Saurfang has always just been a supporting character.

    Much rather have a developed character become Warchief than some random doofus, just because of racial differences.
    Totally agree it is better to have a developed character take the post rather that some nobody npc.. And the thought of The Forsaken running the show all can say is lol say goodbye to life as it is known on Azeroth.. lol As for the Blood Elves mmm nah, and well the Taurens would be seen as too peace loving types..

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    Vol'jin is very fitting for it. The new horde was a buncha refugees and survivalist nobodies trying to live in a world that hated them, so it's completely fine. He's been there and loyal from the beginning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    For the first time ever I agree with this OP. Only took 585 threads. A troll has no right to lead the horde since trolls are the least numbered in the horde.
    So minority races shouldn't be allowed to lead the majority?

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    If you knew you would run the other way.
    Quote Originally Posted by Alenarien View Post
    By all means, that's exactly what i'm hoping for; Nathanos Blightcaller, ideally. Sylvanas however has taken a fall from grace; with respect to both the decline in writing, and prevalence of writer's conveniences in the form of the Val'kyr and their pact.
    Only in due too what happened at Wrathgate and having both Horde and Alliance get attacked by some of The Forsaken I think all trust in Sylvanas was lost there..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    I really get the feeling that people are saying "Vol'jin was the worst decision for warchief... except for all the other horde leaders..."

    Haters gonna hate.
    This. Getting the impression you want to whinge regardless of the final outcome.

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    Having any Warchief is meh. It doesn't feel like they do much. I don't even know why there is a Warchief, why not a council of the race leaders?

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    Oh, I forgot, Vol'jin's a new character that hasn't had a piss poor record over the years that we can use to judge how he will be as Warchief.
    Seriously. Can this guy please be banned from the forums?

    To address what you said; Vol'jin is a character in a video game, not a real person. He can only do things when he's written to do them, so you can't say "BECAUSE HE DID NOTHING BEFORE THAT MEANS HE'LL DO NOTHING NOW!", it doesn't work like that. Blizzard is obviously not going to do nothing with the character now that they have a reason to, you know, really do something with him.

    Hell, Thrall didn't even do anything in WoW until Cataclysm, does that mean HE doesn't do anything, too?

    All you do is make stupid hate posts on anything that isn't totally pro Orc, and it's not even in good humor. You seem legitimately racist against fucking video game characters and that's really creepy and weird, man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwnjitsu View Post
    he hasn't had a chance to do anything yet, give him some time into the next xpac before you judge him.

    thats what they said about obama too

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    Trolls and Vonjir was the first alliance of the orcs. Orcs and Trolls made the first Horde!

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    everything would feel off if the next warchief wasnt a well known orc or troll. taurens, blood elfs, and goblins(not all) certainly will never have much pull in wow, im sorry but they are secondary at this point. while undead are pretty big, sylvanas hasnt done much in recent times, so it would be kinda weird for her to become warchief "hey undead lady, if uh you arent doing anything right now do you mind becoming the warcheif of the horde for a few mmmkay? also considering the undead dont really care much for the horde(established from wrathgate) its not not going to happen

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    No Shoes No Service! The chant of the Horde warriors flocking to join Sylvanas in a new Faction.
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    Would have been more fun if it was lore'themar, but voljin's fine imo.

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    Vol'jin is Horde. He was there with our founding in Durotar alongside Thrall. He understands the Horde as he welcomes us as brothers.

    I salute my Warchief and will serve him. Lok'tar Ogar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SodiumChloride View Post
    Actually my problem with him is he is exactly like Thrall. He is a "savage" kind of guy.

    Having Lor'themar would have at least brought some interesting changes to the Horde. Instead we got Thrall 2.0. Back to square one. It's almost as if Thrall never left.
    That is exactly how I see it
    I don't mind Vol'jin, but Lor'themar would have been more interesting.
    But I guess he was a bit too radical for some people, they are already crying because we have a Troll now. I can only imagine how bad it'd be if we had Lor'themar.
    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    Vol'Jin wont even wipe his ass without the consent of his secret love interest (Thrall), guess who is leading the horde and who is just face.
    Yes, you are right.
    Proof can be found in that one time when Vol'jin made a decision as Warchief and.. ooh, wait, no.
    Quote Originally Posted by Razaron View Post
    Thrall? -_-
    Thrall is NOT a choice.
    Quote Originally Posted by zephid View Post
    Garrosh was at least an orc.
    So? The Horde is not all Orcs.

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    It feels wrong i totaly agree..

    And voljin wont lead from senjin village.. He will lead from ogrimmar.. So yes the trolls will make ogrimmar their city now.. He wont be alone in a city full of orcs that just some weeks ago wanted to wipe the horde from the "lesser races".. You can expect a large troll force in ogrimmar now kinda like it happened in undercity..

    So yes the orcs will be on a tigth leash under voljin..

    The story could have taken many routes to make the aliance happy and the horde players happy aswell.. The voljin choice split the horde player base.. Part of the player base hates the choice.. Another part likes it.. The last part dosent care..

    And the bad thing is.. With garrosh we always knew he was going to leave the throne at some point.. But with voljin? We can expect him leadin the horde for a good couple years.. Probably until the game ends.. One of the big reasons that if my guild transfers in a not very far away future im thinking of changing us to the aliance side.. The story is a lot more consistent.. They dont make bloody gnomes the high king..

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Whats with the ''Saurfang is too old so he can't be warchief'' thing? Look at Cairne, the guy was ancient, yet he managed to lead his people to Mulgore, building up Thunder Bluff and stuff. Saurfang still manages to cleave thousands of enemies, even in SoO.

    Just because he's old doesn't mean he can't make good decisions, or be a poor fighter
    Totaly agree dude.. Just cause a leader is old dosent mean he cant rule.. Its the complete oposite..
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    Voljins "new" Voice Actor is btw. So i'd say we have a pretty badass warchief :P Trolls ftw! =3
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    I'm tellin you guys... Lor'themar would've turned the Horde from a group of survivors into a civilized world power capable of diplomacy and order. The Horde has been a ragtag group for long enough. What's Vol'jin gonna do? Keep us in the sticks and stone age? Guess it all depends on how you like your Horde served, as it were.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sthings View Post
    thats what they said about obama too
    did you really just compare a character in a fictional universe completely in control by its creators who could LITERALLY do anything to a real life person?

    thats like someone asking me "hey why dont you have super powers, spider-man has super powers"

    i seriously hope you were joking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duravian View Post
    I'm tellin you guys... Lor'themar would've turned the Horde from a group of survivors into a civilized world power capable of diplomacy and order. The Horde has been a ragtag group for long enough. What's Vol'jin gonna do? Keep us in the sticks and stone age? Guess it all depends on how you like your Horde served, as it were.
    the problem with lor'themar being warchief is that the blood elves dislike the majority of the horde.
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    Hey guys, whats the problem, he is going to be killed by Jaina in few months, and Blizzard will put Thrall as the warchief again, and Jaina is the next evil (no sources, just speculating)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falrinn View Post
    I would argue that if Blizzard spent enough time developing it, we could easily at least have a Dwarven High King. Varian is currently the only viable leader because Blizzard hasn't set up anyone else for the role. But given another expansion and a novel or two, and things could very easily change.
    He is the only viable one because Blizzard slandered anyone else to make him look better.
    Tyrande, leader of her people for more than 10000 years and having fought in several wars and countless battles and being a accomplished acher has to learn patience form a former gladiator? Really?

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