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    Simulation craft and stats elemental PVE


    Armory: eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Shinsham/simple

    I´ve been gearing this alt and was always confused between the stats weights of ele shaman.
    Mr robot explains i should go for haste on T15 and lower ilvl and mastery on T16, meta gem (wich i dont got yet) and higher ilvl. Since i got my 2pc T16 and some other items lately i wasnt sure what to go for.

    So for the first time i tried simulation craft with a nice detailed guide and it gave me this:
    Int > SP > Mastery ~= Haste > Crit

    So i set up reforge lite, imported the stat weights and reforged it.
    The guide told me to simcraft myself again after i did that. And all of sudden it says this:
    Int > SP > Haste ~= Mastery > Crit

    Why did it change after i followed the first priority and reforged? If i reforge back to haste using these stats weights and sim myself again will it say mastery again?

    Any advice on when to go for wich stats considering my gear and such? All advise i find are from people being 540+ ilvl about going 33-35% haste and rest mastery. But im nowhere near reaching that with my gear.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Because ur stat weights will change slightly each time you change your stats and get new gear, they do not stay absolute, ever.

    Using reforge plots on Simcraft will show you at which points exactly haste > mastery and vice versa again. That doesn't mean u should change ur setup again, it means u should go for more haste going forward.

    That being said at that ilvl i would go for PURE haste, until u reach those 30ish %. You're at 17.50% that's really quite low. Mastery starts becoming a lot better when your base haste is higher, like everyone says.

    To make it really simple: go with the T15 template on your optimization until you'Re around 30% and u got legendary meta and cloak. Then switch to T16 template.

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    I was thinking it was a bit low too, but i had no idea on lower item lvls. I wont be having meta gem and cloak anytime soon as this is just an alt (and im still on first part). But i will sim my stats back to haste and see what happens until i get high ilvl.

    Thanks alot for reply/advise.

    Edit: reforged back
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