View Poll Results: Should mainhands and offhands only cost 125 valor per upgrade?

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    Upgrading Weapons/Offhands

    Does anyone else feel as if one-handed weapons, and offhands should only cost 125 valor to upgrade? It frustrates me that to upgrade an offhand and mainhand it costs 1000 valor for 2/2, but for a staff or 2h-axe it only costs 500 valor for 2/2.

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    It also costs 2 enchants and reforges. Something I noticed, but it never really bothered me a great deal.

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    For me it's a non-issue really. I have nothing else to spend valor on, on my main anyway. Doing flex SoO at this point in time, gotten most of the items I can get and all but 4 are upgraded fully.

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    I think it's a broad imbalance that some classes need more Items than others, and while in PvE it is somewhat balanced with Drop Rates, in PvP it is no fair when people buy MH Item with fewer Conquest or Honor and have an advantage for a while.
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