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    Little tip on Hc Protectors

    Hi there, i dont know if its the right place for this, but it seemed outta place in "fix my dps" thread so here's a little tip i figured out.

    A way to max dps on Hc protctors is to stack rune of razorcise on every boss that is at howling blast range.

    Nothing crazy but there is no little gain


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    I hear mashing buttons is another way to make your damage go up...

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    *works on any fight with multiple mobs in hb range

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    Quote Originally Posted by bals View Post
    *works on any fight with multiple mobs in hb range
    yep i know, i just figured it out on protectors so that why this title. And never heard of it on any guide so thought it could be useful

    And you can still mash your buttons while doing so

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    I think the point is that you're mashing buttons in the first place to make this happen.

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