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    I suppose the best way to describe my pvp stance is as an aggressive scrapper, I like to think I'm somewhat fair though.

    What I mean by fair is that I don't hunt lowbies, they're just not worth my time and quite frankly there's no point in killing them. I'll get a chuckle sure, but it's not substantially entertaining enough for me to justify wasting my time hunting them. That said, I will kill any lowbies who cross my path and I don't have to go out of my way to kill. killing people who are my level or better geared is more of the thrill I seek. When I kill someone with a legendary cloak it assures me that while pve should have the advantage in the world, gear is no match for a skilled player.

    I won't lie and say I'm noble/honorable - that I won't attack if they're fighting mobs. Frankly I don't care what HP they're starting with, the less they have the better. I do not hesitate to utilize many dirty tactics to kill people on timeless islands. for example, if I see they're going to get hit by one of the Yongol flame cleave things I will shiv (paralytic root) them and let that finish the job. I don't want mercy, and if you give it to me it does not mean I will recipricate it. If you have the chance to kill me while I'm fighting, you had better take it because the moment I am finished I'm coming for you whether you're ready or not.

    As far as outnumbering goes, I tend to hunt alone. I play a rogue, which is by far the best class for world pvp and general shenanigans, but my buddies I frequent with are a warrior and a DK/Lock. I can't have those guys cramping my style, if ya know what I mean. I like stalking my prey and getting them at a more optimal time. (when he is alone, etc.) Those guys just alert them to the immanent danger that lurks behind them. Besides, Gank groups make you soft in my opinion. On my shaman I use to hunt solo but then i got in the habit of having my 2 buddies and I found myself getting anxious when I was alone, that is why I dusted off my rogue and got back into hunting solo with him - its definitely easier to be alone as a rogue... and now I am back into my groove I hunt solo with the Censure and pick fights 1v2+, I even win some of them

    I don't really like the idea of blood coin raids, they seem cowardly to me and frankly... I do better on my own. Of course, that's something that is much easier to accomplish when you can hide and appear only when you're ready, I don't deny that is one aspect of the class I love most. I get that theres definitely saftey in numbers, but going 5+ vers one guy who's just trying to get to houlon... I dunno, I just think less of them. That said, I don't deny help when is around and I am much more bold when I see another blood coin farmer or raid. I Won't join them but I will jump into their fights and snake a few kills. The only time I Blood coin hunt with a group is when it is my 2 buddies i mentioned before or if my guild is running a group.

    Oh, and I'm always positive and a delight to talk to . I Don't really believe in raging at people over a game and when people wanna trash talk me I try not to egg them on or stoop down to their level. I guess it's all about how you look at it. I mean, if it takes 5 people to finally catch/kill you you could log over and be the standard wow player, "you suck, it took 5 of you to kill me you pussy lolololololol" which reads to me as "QQ I'm upset that I died".... or you could simply take it as a testament to you're own power/skill and be like, "well shit, it took that many to take me down... I must be pretty good". In fact, the only time I ever logged over to an alt to send a tell to someone who beat me was to give props to another rogue and ask about how he did certain things to me. I was polite and he was helpful... funny how things work out like that, eh?

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    I think World PvP is great for two reasons:

    1. To test your might, skills and awareness factor in an unfair environment. What this means is you can sharpen your skills because you're being subjected to unfair terms and it can happen any time, either started by you or someone ambushing you.

    2. It's REALLY fun. Although this one is subjective, it's the fact that we have controlled PvP environments via Arenas and BGs, and the random open world aspect of the game is a different way to experience PvP. I remember swooping in on my Destro Lock in Wrath just to murder some players for kicks, and then my escapades ended up turning into a 10 v 9 right in the middle of the Sons of Hodir questing hub for like 2 hours. SOOOO fun.

    Because World PvP isn't the only option to PvP, it's completely fine imo. When the old cliche "Losing is never fun" comes up, I always have to disagree, because it's more complex than that. Losing can make you better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FragmentedFaith View Post
    world pvp is legitimized griefing- something that should only be possible on pvp servers. It goes without saying that I'm strongly against it, even moreso when there is any kind of overlap between types of content (timeless isle having a pvp-only currency?) or when the ability to trick or force-flag unwilling players is more readily abused (Timeless again- why should I need to watch my aoe on a PVE server?)
    Without a controlled environment and clear goal with rewards any "freeform" pvp will boil down to camping, lowbi murder.
    Why would there be lowbies on the Timeless Isle?
    And historically some of the best spontaneous pvp has happened in pve areas. Outside raidzone portals, near popular farming spots, max level daily quest areas etc. Because that's where people need to go anyway. Great fun on a pvp server, provided faction balance is ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bufferunderrun View Post
    I play on pve server, i consider pvp in wow a minigame and i consider world pvp even less, whats the point on doing it? It doesn't effect the story, it doesn't effect the one you kill, it's doesn't effect your character.
    Its a fun way to test your skills against a similar level character. Especially when leveling, when there's generally little opportunity to try out your fancier skills on the laughably easy quest mobs.

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    I've always played on pvp servers, I kill pretty much everyone without reason.
    Why? Because I can, it's fun, and when people relog to trash talk me and post about me on my server forums, well that's just icing on the cake.

    Threads like these only annoy me because most players these days are whiny, self entitled LFR geared mouthbreathers (or who think they're good because they got a couple of epics in a flex/normal raid) who cry "that's unfaiiiiiir" when they get killed out in the world.

    There's no rules against it, so quit complaining about it, it's always been like this.

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    World PvP has been dead for years only ganking remains, was tolerable when my old server had like 50/50 but now it's more like 20/80, try being unable to quest for level 90s ganking even capital cities are no safe haven at that level of imbalance, so off to a PvE realm I went and it's bliss, tho it is kinda annoying not being able to retaliate when a mob is stolen but other then that awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bufferunderrun View Post
    In case you don't get it pvp gear is the specialized one, blizzard never say that pvp gear is designed for wpvp
    I think you may need to reread your post.

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    World pvp is a great idea on paper, occasionally carried out brilliantly in other titles, but absolutely pointless in this game without some very big overhauls to how things work.

    And that's a shame too, because this game really could potentially be one of the best open world pvp titles on the market.
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